Why is conventional Chinese medicine ineffective in treating tumors


Around our lives, we often hear that Chinese medicine is not scientific in treating tumors, so the effect is not good, is it?

A lot of people grew tumor, cannot operate, go to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the result is worse and worse, afterwards have no way really, use Chinese medicine treatment, but Chinese medicine treatment also has no effect…

Why does traditional Chinese medicine treat tumor, curative effect is very little?

Carcinotoxin is unique in its types and forms, including all kinds of biochemical factor toxins released by cancer cells, excessive metabolic toxins in the body, and pathological products such as poison, cold and blood stasis in traditional Chinese medicine. So treatment is more complicated than other diseases.

The pathogenesis of cancer is complex, evil and poisonous are interlocked, interwoven, mixed with deficiency and solid, and the symptoms of the same patient are different at different stages. Cancer virus also has its own pathological rules. Compared with other diseases, the conventional TCM syndrome differentiation method is not only unable to accurately grasp the patients’ real conditions, which makes the application of treatment difficult to be effective. Moreover, it is only to regulate the functions of the viscera or to treat the disease. There is no systematic elimination of “cancer toxin”. Conventional Chinese medicine also has the effect of removing the secretion of cancer cells.

Based on the systematic differentiation of syndromes, we advocate the precise prescription — to achieve accurate, efficient and systematic treatment of cancer

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer should be based on the elimination of “cancer toxin” and take into account the treatment of symptoms. These treatments are not simply adding up or listing of multiple drugs. Instead, they should combine all aspects of the treatment organically and precisely, so as to achieve accurate, efficient and systematic treatment of cancer.

Accurate syndrome differentiation is convenient for rational drug use

Using the tumor syndrome differentiation system, which is the most advanced tumor syndrome differentiation system with various syndrome differentiation methods, TCM detoxification of cancer is able to comprehensively master the “syndrome” of patients, provide accurate basis for the treatment of the syndrome differentiation of “cancer poison”, and lay a foundation for successful treatment of cancer.

Screening specific pharmacodynamics to eliminate cancer toxin accurately

The 3 d – anti-cancer active ingredients system filtering technology, widely in the large single taste traditional Chinese medicine or compound containing toxic specific cancer screening efficacy of drugs, to provide the reasonable prescription of dispelling the “cancer”, such as partial filling of the drug contains clear survivin (survivin), the active ingredient, part is contained in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for activating blood circulation to remove the tumor angiogenesis of FGF active ingredients…

The effective treatment can be achieved by the combination of multiple drugs

In the treatment of cancer, often appear to restore the law generous, the law many medicine is miscellaneous, in addition, dispel “cancer poison” compound prescription also requires the medicine to simultaneously regulate the viscera function and clear the specific cancer poison effect. Therefore, the traditional “emperor, minister and minister” group method is obviously not competent, often considering one or the other, resulting in poor curative effect.

USES the formula of traditional Chinese medicine compound group technology, the various functions of drugs to optimize collection in the same prescription, realize a pluripotent, such as compound traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with tumors shrink and toxic cancer effect, at the same time and have a performance of toning the body balance of Yin and Yang qi and blood, and can guide the drugs to reach tumor site, so as to realize the reasonable efficient remove cancer poison of TCM therapy for cancer treatment

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