Why are cancer generally treated without traditional Chinese medicine?

Why are cancer generally treated without traditional Chinese medicine? Is it because it doesn’t work? Expert: Chinese medicine can be used

My grandpa got lung cancer. Now he is being treated in the provincial people’s hospital, but the effect is general. After chemotherapy, his body is getting worse and worse. Now try traditional Chinese medicine treatment, take a shot. But some people say it is useless, I do not know to let cure him is right or wrong?
Expert analysis: modern treatment of cancer mainly includes three methods: surgery (early or middle stage), radiotherapy, chemotherapy (middle or late stage or adjuvant or palliative treatment), targeted treatment (effective but easily resistant), immunotherapy and so on, while traditional Chinese medicine is often used as adjuvant treatment.

 traditional Chinese medicines
traditional Chinese medicines

There is a traditional Chinese medicine in the folk people, using arsenic to treat leukemia (blood cancer), quantity requirements are very strict. Then a professor began studying the formula, extracting the active ingredient and eventually making it into the standard modern treatment for leukemia, arsenic.

traditional Chinese medicines

This prescription has few traditional Chinese medicines, and it is difficult to carry out research by changing more than ten kinds of traditional Chinese medicines. This is the reason why many traditional Chinese medicines have unknown ingredients, effective dosage and side effects, and lack of investment in research funds makes it difficult to promote traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine is still more experienced.
If a cancer patient is advanced, or if other treatments don’t work, try Chinese medicine. Or as an adjunct to other treatments.

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