Which exercises are good for kidney cancer patients


Nowadays, many men often suffer from kidney deficiency and Qi deficiency. Lack of exercise and nutritional supplement in daily life will lead to kidney deficiency, and even some kidney diseases will turn into kidney cancer when they are serious. Cancer brings too much harm to people. Appropriate exercise can alleviate the disease. Which exercise is good for renal cancer patients? Here are some methods of kidney-benefiting exercise, hoping to help our friends!

1. Anus contraction movement: any time, anywhere, of course, the scent of bird song and flower fragrance is better. You can relax all over the body and breathe naturally: do anus contraction when exhaling, relax when inhaling, do about 30 times in a row. This exercise is of great benefit in preventing involuntary enuresis in old age.

2. Learn Taijiquan: Don’t think Taijiquan is just an old man’s sport. It can not only soothe people’s emotions, but also move the whole body muscles and bones, elegant and fashionable.

3. Self-massage waist: after rubbing two palms together until the palms are warm, place them at the waist, palms facing the skin, and massage the waist up and down until they feel hot. Sooner or later, about 200 times each time. This exercise can warm and invigorate the vital gate, invigorate the kidney and invigorate qi.

4. Stimulate the foot heart: Chinese medicine believes that Yongquan point of the foot heart is the well point of the kidney meridian, often massage Yongquan point, which can nourish the kidney, soothe the liver, clear the eyes, clear the heart and tranquilize the spirit, promote sleep, strengthen the body and prevent premature aging. It has certain therapeutic effect on dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, hemoptysis and headache caused by kidney deficiency. The method is: after rubbing the hands against the palms, rub the heart of the right foot with the left hand, rub the heart of the left foot with the right hand, once a day, morning and evening, 300 times each time.

Which exercises are good for kidney cancer patients

Chinese medicine is also a comprehensive understanding of renal cancer, renal cancer patients early deficiency, damp-heat accumulation of kidney, or damp-heat blockade of veins, or damp-heat accumulation, long sputum into lumps, resulting in urine, blood and low back pain. In the middle stage, spleen and kidney were damaged, damp-heat accumulation, stagnation of Qi and blood stasis, blood-heat arrogance, hyperactivity of heart and blood, internal obstruction of blood stasis were common; in the late stage, deficiency of vital energy, deficiency of both qi and blood, poisonous cancer fled, cancer pathogens were attacked, remaining poisons were not clear, mostly manifested as two injuries of qi, yin, Qi and blood.

According to TCM theory, deficiency syndrome is an important cause and pathogenesis of tumorigenesis and development. The deficiency of vital energy and the weakness of Qi and blood lead to the dysfunction of viscera and organs, thus a series of pathological changes such as Qi stagnation, blood stasis, dampness accumulation and phlegm stagnation occur, forming tumors. Clinical practice has also fully proved that Fuzheng Peiben can alleviate symptoms, improve the quality of life, prolong survival, reduce adverse reactions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and may reduce the possibility of recurrence and improve the effect of treatment for some tumors. Therefore, it is the characteristic and advantage of TCM to prevent and treat lung cancer.

* Warm reminder: The case of our hospital is real and effective. It is only used by professionals in the industry. It is not used as medication guidance and guarantee for patients’commitment.

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