What is the effect of traditional Chinese medicine on tumor treatment


The reason why cancer is so frightening, apart from the fact that tumor cells are strong enough to metastasize quickly throughout the body. The disease was found to be advanced and uncontrollable. The sudden outbreak of various complications leads to organ failure. Besides, the patients are weak in constitution and cannot afford large amounts of chemoradiotherapy and chemotherapy drugs, which is also an important reason for the failure of treatment.

Combined with the severe toxic and side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, normal anti-tumor treatment could not be carried out, and the continuous progress of the disease was “made worse”. Finally, the whole “war situation” was out of control, and the patient’s condition deteriorated, and only the failed results could be accepted.

In fact, if we can pay attention to the toxic and side effects of chemoradiotherapy drugs and take targeted prevention and treatment measures, we can fight cancer cells while better protecting the function of the body’s organs, prolong the life time of patients and win better quality of life for them. At this time, traditional Chinese medicine is giving full play to its advantages. Chinese medicine also has therapeutic effects on adverse reactions and complications in chemotherapy. It can kill two birds with one stone and protect tumor patients.

First, the use of blood – enriching agents in treatment can protect the hematopoietic function of bone marrow, protect white blood cells, platelets and hemoglobin in chemotherapy, and raise white blood cells. In this way, the patient’s blood can be quickly restored to normal and chemotherapy can be carried out smoothly. Second, some chemotherapeutic drugs can damage liver cells, damage liver function, and cause hepatic dysfunction. With the increase of the chemotherapy cycle, the possibility of liver injury will continue to increase. If timely and effective measures are not taken, the consequences may be serious. At this time, if the use of traditional Chinese medicine hepatoprotective enzyme medicine treatment, often can see a very obvious effect. Third, the clinical condition is ever-changing, some patients have a history of diabetes, accompanied by kidney function injury, also due to the use of drugs carelessly, the occurrence of renal dysfunction. At this time with chemotherapy, once handled carelessly, there is a high probability of renal failure. The use of traditional Chinese medicine to protect the kidney and nourish the kidney can ensure that while the tumor is being treated, the protection of the kidney will not become a concern for the future. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine can also play an important role in protecting the heart, improving appetite, improving water and reducing swelling, and preventing oral ulcers.

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine should be combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery and other treatments to improve patients’ immunity, so that they can have adequate nutrition sources, dispel evil and nourish the upright, and form an envelope to the tumor, so as to win the battle against cancer.

The Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine (cas) is a scientific research institution of traditional Chinese medicine directly under the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine. Among them, yifei qinghua granule has been approved for export to Malaysia at the recent world health organization convention on traditional medicine.

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