What are anticancer Chinese medicines? What Chinese medicine anticancer?

Anticancer Chinese medicine, what Chinese medicine anticancer

What are anticancer Chinese medicines? What Chinese medicine anticancer?

Anticancer drugs include Chinese herbs and proprietary Chinese medicines. As we all know, anticancer drugs can play the role of strengthening the source and balancing Yin and Yang when applied in appropriate situations, which is conducive to the development of the human body’s inherent anti-cancer potential. Some anticancer drugs also inhibit the growth and metastasis of cancer cells. Generally, the toxic and side effects of anticancer Chinese medicine are very mild, which can increase the effect and reduce the toxicity after chemotherapy.

Common anticancer drugs include:

1. Compound tiger capsule: it is a broad-spectrum anticancer drug, but it is mainly used for primary liver cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer, malignant lymphoma and gynecological malignant tumors. The characteristics of its products are as follows: expectant inhibition of tumor, prevention of recurrence and diffusion, combined with radiation and chemotherapy, has a synergistic and detoxifying effect, especially for bone marrow, enhanced immune function of the body, improved disease-related symptoms, improved patient quality of life capsule dosage form, easy to take, broad-spectrum anti-tumor drugs.

2. Ankangxin capsule: the capsule has the effect of “strengthening, removing evil spirits, increasing effect and increasing whiteness”, and has certain functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis (such as analgesia and anti-hypoxia). It is currently the drug choice with definite curative effect in the comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine against cancer.

3. Anti-cancer tablet: it is a kind of small pellet formed by high-tech concentration. It is composed of more than ten Chinese herbs with more than ten flavors, such as banzhi lotus, fragrant tea vegetable, snake berry, and toad crisp. Herbal tea is rich in Enmein, which has anti-tumor effect, can prolong the life of mice after the inoculation of ai’s ascites cancer, and can strengthen the stomach and intestines, and treat dyspepsia. It can clear heat, reduce swelling, detoxify and cure cancer. Toad vented dampness, dampness, detoxification, insect killing and pain control. This drug is especially suitable for patients with old age, weak body and advanced metastatic carcinoma who are not suitable for surgical treatment or radiotherapy.

In addition, there are some more widely used Chinese herbs, such as cow-bezoar, white British, lotus, andrographis, dried grass, etc., all have significant anti-cancer effects.

Anticancer Chinese medicine has a slow onset of efficacy, and it is hard to see obvious curative effect in a short period of time. Moreover, when it is used for treatment alone, its ability to inhibit cancer cells is relatively weak.

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