Warning: three of cancer cells’ favorite fruits, especially the first!

The first fruit is areca

Betel nut is native to Malaysia, China’s first distribution of yunnan, hainan and Taiwan, and other tropical regions.

It is widely cultivated in tropical Asia.

Betel nut is an important Chinese medicine, and some minorities in the south also use the fruit as a chewing hobby.

Betel nut

60 percent of oral cancer patients eat betel nut, and in 2003, the international cancer research center put it on its “blacklist,” along with tobacco, alcohol and arsenic as a first-class carcinogen.

However, many people still eat betel nut as a snack. For health reasons, betel nut can be eaten in the future.

The second fruit — oranges

The cultivation of orange has a long history. The ancient people used orange peel as an aromatic substitute. The seeds of this genus were found in the tomb relics of western han dynasty unearthed in mawangdui, a suburb of changsha, hunan province.

Normal orange is very nutritious value, but afraid to meet the black heart business!

The oranges

In order to make the surface of orange glossy to improve the unit price, some merchants will also use pigment on the skin of orange processing.

If the use of industrial dyes, heavy metal is likely to overspend, may lead to slow poisoning symptoms, affecting the function of internal organs.

Third fruit – rotten apples

Rotten apples are never eaten. When someone eats an apple, he will scratch out part of it and eat it.

Rotten apples

In fact, even if the rotting parts are removed, the rest has been fed through juice into bacterial metabolites, and even microorganisms have begun to reproduce, during which mold can cause sudden changes in human cells leading to cancer.

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