Types of Cancer

Types of Cancer
If you have a parent with cancer you’re bound to have all sorts of questions.
This section can help you understand more about the different types of cancer. There are many different types (for example breast cancer, bowel cancer, lung cancer etc.). There are also different variations within each individual cancer, depending on things like where in the organ the cancer cells grow, what the cancer cells look like under the microscope and how they grow. It is therefore difficult to give comprehensive information about any type of cancer in general.

Therefore, in this section we are giving some brief information about each cancer type (see below) and if you would like to find out more we have linked to Maggie’s CancerLinks where you will be signposted to high quality information about different cancers. Do remember though, that the information provided is general and usually your parent will be the best person to talk to regarding their particular situation.

Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer / Cancer of the cervix
Womb/Uterine/Endometrial cancers
Cancer of the Vulva
Testicular Cancer
Penile cancer / Cancer of the penis
Bowel Cancer / Colorectal Cancer
Liver Cancer
Stomach Cancer
Bile Duct Cancer / Cholangiocarcinoma
Oesophagus /gullet / food pipe
Pancreas / Pancreatic Cancer
Lung cancer
Bone cancer
Head and neck cancers
Skin cancer
Endocrine cancers
Ovarian cancer
Gallbladder cancer
Bladder cancer
Kidney cancer / renal cancer
Rare cancers
Gestational trophoblastic tumours (GTT)
Vaginal cancer / cancer of the vagina
Unknown primary cancer

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