Truth about cancer: food has four levels of cancer protection

What exactly is cancer?

Eat at home gens, everyday consider to buy what dish, see asparagus in the market, listen to expert say to eat asparagus prevent cancer, bought! People are worried about what to order every day. They see broccoli Fried meat on the menu, although they have been eating it every day recently.

Director ma guansheng thinks, a lot of people are saying to prevent cancer, anticancer, what is cancer after all? Many people have no answer. One person is diagnosed with cancer every six minutes in China, 8,550 people become cancer patients every day, and one out of every seven to eight people die of cancer, according to the 2012 annual cancer registration report. How to prevent cancer is not only a matter of public concern, but also the focus of national public health work. Simply put, cancer is the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells that can affect almost any part of the body, meaning any part of the body can have a tumor, and some tumors can spread to other parts of the body.
Why do people get cancer?

Cancer is a common disease caused by multiple factors, etiology is not clear at present, only a small fraction of cancers are genetic, a lot of the acquired factors affect the occurrence of cancer development, including environmental factors are the most important (including smoking, infection factors, radiation, pollution, food, nutrition, physical activity, etc.), these factors can be changed.
Does food prevent cancer?

Diet is one of the important factors affecting the incidence of cancer, reasonable diet can play a certain role in preventing cancer. Increasing the amount of food we eat on a daily basis to reduce our risk of cancer, and avoiding foods that increase our risk of cancer, is good for our health by reducing our risk of cancer.
Ma guansheng, researcher, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of the institute of nutrition and food safety, China center for disease control and prevention. Of national food and nutrition consultant committee, women and children under the state council working committee on women and children expert, jiusan society the science popularization work committee, the national rural compulsory education students nutrition improvement plan of the expert committee, poor areas children’s nutrition improving pilot project group leader, vice President of the Chinese nutrition society.
Small cancer prevention surveys
Do you think anti-cancer food is a good idea?
Yes, yes. No, it’s no use.
There are four levels of food cancer prevention available
Eat “adequate” and “likely” foods whenever possible

So which foods prevent cancer? Instead of looking at the various cancer prevention rankings, look at the authoritative reports. Professor to recommend the world cancer research fund in 2007 and the American institute of cancer organization published the food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer prevention experts report, the report by 21 experts took five years to global published studies systematically summarized, including the system summary of food, nutrition, etc. According to the report, the anti-cancer effect of food can be divided into four grades: “sufficient”, “likely”, “limited” and “impossible”. It is recommended that people eat “sufficient” and “likely” food as much as possible on the basis of balanced nutrition to prevent cancer. In addition, to prevent cancer, you need to eat targeted foods.
The key to prevent cancer is that some micronutrients are “rich” but not “rich”.

Vegetable, fruit prevent cancer relatively much evidence, can say to be able to prevent cancer to a great extent. But the role of vegetables and fruits in preventing certain cancers depends on the amount of certain micronutrients they contain.

Foods rich in folic acid: “very likely” to prevent pancreatic cancer;

Foods rich in carotenoids: “likely” to prevent oral, pharyngeal, laryngeal and lung cancer;

Foods rich in beta carotene: “likely” to prevent esophageal cancer;

Foods rich in lycopene: “likely” to prevent prostate cancer;

Foods rich in vitamin C: “likely” to prevent esophageal cancer;

Foods rich in selenium: “very likely” to prevent prostate cancer, and “limited” evidence showing that foods containing selenium can prevent gastric cancer and colon/rectal cancer;

Food for vitamin B6 or vitamin E: “” limited” “has been shown to prevent esophageal and prostate cancers.
It is best to achieve a meal of vegetables, fruit every day

The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggest that adults should eat 300-500 grams of vegetables every day, and eat a variety of vegetables, with dark vegetables accounting for at least half. Eat 200-400 grams of fruit a day. Eat the fruit as fully as possible without squeezing it into fruit juice, as the processing removes valuable dietary fiber from the fruit.
[image] carrots reduce the risk of cancer
[photo] mixed soy milk can prevent many types of cancer
[image] food is the best anti-cancer drug
Food to prevent cancer, but also pay attention to reasonable diet
Eat more than three.

Eat more plant-based foods. Should accomplish food diversity, cereal is given priority to, eat coarse grain more appropriately, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber and vitamin, animal food should be right amount, cannot eat too much. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables and fruit is regarded as the best anti-cancer food, have good evidence that can reduce the oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, lung, stomach, colon and rectal cancer risk, and is likely to reduce the throat, the dangers of the pancreas, breast, bladder cancer, may also reduce the cervix, endometrial, liver, the risk of prostate cancer. Encourage breastfeeding. Study found that breastfeeding is likely to cancer associated with obesity, such as postmenopausal breast cancer, endometrial cancer, esophageal cancer, knot/rectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, gallbladder, kidney has a protective effect, it is recommended that the mother is best for six months of exclusive breastfeeding, and then add other liquids and food, to continue breastfeeding at the same time, this will not only help reduce the risk of mothers breast cancer, also has a protective effect for the baby.
Eat three small meals

Limit red meat intake. Red meat, also known as livestock meat, includes pork, beef and mutton and their products. Eating too much red meat can be a major cause of colorectal cancer. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents recommend 50-75 grams of livestock meat per day, while the U.S. recommends no more than 500 grams of red meat per week. Second, limit the intake of alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of developing the digestive tract and breast cancer. Women are more sensitive to the effects of alcohol than men, and heavy drinking is more harmful to women. Don’t drink alcohol. If you do, try to limit your consumption. Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines recommended in adult female alcohol intake is not more than 15 grams per day (or the equivalent of about 450 mL beer, or wine, 150 mL, or 38 ° 50 g) of liquor, adult men no more than 25 grams (or the equivalent of about 750 mL beer, or wine, 250 mL, 75 g, or 38 ° liquor liquor or highly 50 g), children and pregnant women drinking is prohibited. Three small, do not eat mildew food. The storage of grains and beans should be moisture-proof and mildew proof. Beware of mould pollution. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. You can’t eat rotting fruits and vegetables, even if only a small part of the fruit should be discarded.
Eat three noes

One no, when cooking oil temperature cannot be too high, cannot let oil pan emit lampblack, as far as possible use fry, fry, deep fry, the cooking method that smoked roast as far as possible, advocate the cooking method such as steam, boil, cold mix, water boil, soup dish. Two no, do not eat charred food, as far as possible eat barbeque, bacon. Third, do not eat salty, pickled food, such as salted fish, pickles, bacon, pickles, and so on.

Ma said that in addition to the above dietary factors, some lifestyle habits can affect the occurrence of cancer, and it is recommended to be as thin as possible within the normal weight range. Get rid of sedentary habits and engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day. Do not smoke, stay away from secondhand smoke.

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