Treatment of tumor by the method of balancing Yin and Yang in traditional Chinese medicine


The concept of Yin and Yang originated very early, which is proved to be in the late primitive society. But the formation of the theory of Yin and Yang may be in the Yin and shang dynasty. “Yin and Yang” in the first “zhouyi”, “yi zhuzhi on” said: “one Yin and one Yang is the way.” TCM holds that the world is material and the result of the interaction between Yin and Yang. “Inside classics” on the “clear Yang for the day, turbid Yin for the ground”. “The breath of heaven is what it is; Where the earth is, the air of the earth is also. Heaven and earth unite with qi, six stanza cent and all living things turn into life “etc. Record. Yin and Yang represent two mutually opposite things, can represent the same thing internal existence mutually opposite two aspects.
In terms of human body, the production of various functional activities (Yang) is bound to consume a certain amount of nutrients (Yin), which is the process of “Yang long Yin elimination”, while the production and transformation of various nutrients (Yin) must consume a certain amount of energy (Yang), which is the process of “Yin long Yang elimination”. The mutual transformation of Yin and Yang, that is, from Yin to Yang, or from Yang to Yin. Under normal circumstances, the reciprocal ebb and flow of Yin and Yang is in a relatively balanced state. If such a relationship goes beyond a certain limit and breaks the dynamic balance of Yin and Yang, it will lead to the excessive rise and fall of Yin and Yang and produce abnormal phenomena, and diseases will occur in the human body.
According to the theory of the conversion of Yin and Yang, diseases of the human body can be transformed into Yin syndrome, heat syndrome into cold syndrome, empirical evidence can be transformed into deficiency syndrome, surface syndrome can be transformed into inner syndrome, normal cells can be transformed into cancer cells, and cancer cells can also be transformed into normal cells. Therefore, it is a feasible method to treat malignant tumors with the balance of Yin and Yang and promote the transformation of cancer cells into normal cells. Malignant tumor is a systemic disease, its expression in local, the treatment of tumor should use the overall view of traditional Chinese medicine. The process of human life activity is the process of unity between the Yin and Yang of the human body in the continuous contradictory movement. Chinese medicine believes that man and nature are a unified whole, which is closely related to nature. Whether human physiology or pathology, are directly or indirectly related to the impact of natural changes. The internal organs and organs in the human body are interconnected and affect each other in a unified whole, thus forming a dialectic view of TCM on the human body. Although a tumor (cancer) grows in a certain part of the body, it is actually a local manifestation of systemic disease
. Treatment of tumor should have the overall concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the use of syndrome differentiation treatment, symptomatic medicine, to achieve a balance of Yin and Yang, qi and blood and the five internal organs and organs, to achieve better curative effect.
The method of balancing Yin and Yang in traditional Chinese medicine is used to treat tumors and promote the balance of Yin and Yang in the human body, so as to achieve the goal of disappearing tumors, obtaining health and prolonging life. The theory of Yin and Yang holds that the mutual opposition, mutual restriction and mutual growth of Yin and Yang are a universal law in the natural world, human body and the process of disease. Although the balance of Yin and Yang is relative and the restriction of opposites is absolute, the body must maintain this balance for some purposes and needs. The ultimate task of Chinese medicine scientists is to restore and stabilize this “balance” to achieve health and longevity goals. In clinical practice, the essence of any treatment is to change or promote the mutual transformation of Yin and Yang, so that it is beneficial to human health and relieve the pain of disease, so malignant tumors are no exception
. After suffering from malignant tumor, how to promote it to achieve a balance of Yin and Yang? In terms of my 20 years’ experience in treating tumors, I take the balance of Yin and Yang as the premise and the principle of symptomatic treatment. Clinically, it is mainly to improve the living quality of human body by strengthening spleen and nourishing kidney and nourishing qi and blood. On the other hand, promoting blood circulation to remove stasis, clearing heat and detoxifying to inhibit tumor growth. This side makes up its insufficiency, side restrains its surplus, in order to achieve the goal of balance. Why use the method of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and clearing heat and detoxification in the treatment of tumors? Generally speaking, the tumor is due to poor circulation of qi and blood, stagnant blood accumulation and stagnation, long but not scattered, forming a mass, and eventually forming blood stasis and mutual knot. Heat clearing and detoxification can achieve the goal of reducing, shedding and eliminating cancer cells. Statement: we are honored to provide you with health services. This site is only for reference, all diagnosis and treatment should follow the guidance of the doctor.

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