These 4 kinds of food on table, be cancer cell’s counter

These 4 kinds of food on table, be cancer cell’s counter star, want to know what be?

1, tea

Some people mixed the tea into the feed and fed it to mice with cancer cells. It has also been reported that certain substances in tea can inhibit cancer cells in various parts of the body through blood circulation.

2, corn

Corn can prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis, urolithiasis and other diseases, and have anticancer effect. The American medical profession pointed out that the coarse ground corn meal contains the large number of amino acids, has the remarkable effect to restrain the cancer. In addition, the glutathione in corn, in the presence of selenium, generates glutathione oxidase, which also inactivates chemical carcinogens.

3, plum

Acid plum can enhance the phagocytic ability of white blood cells, improve the immune function of the body, auxiliary treatment of penile cancer, cervical cancer.

4, soybeans,

Soy contains at least five anticancer compounds. One is similar to a drug commonly used to treat oestrogen-dependent breast cancer, which is now being used in large-scale clinical trials to understand its effect on breast cancer prevention

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