There are three misunderstandings in TCM treatment of tumor

There are three misunderstandings in TCM treatment of tumor
Some patients think that there is no need for traditional Chinese medicine, until surgery and chemotherapy are “no way” to help; Some patients place too high hopes on traditional Chinese medicine, and are unwilling to undergo surgery or chemotherapy even with the permission of the body. In addition, many patients also believe that a random old Chinese medicine can “help the good and dispel the evil”, to achieve the goal of “survival with tumor”, in fact, these are people’s misconceptions of the treatment of tumor.

Myth 1: traditional Chinese medicine is only used for the advanced stage of malignant tumors

other Your illness is in terminal stage, we have no good way, you go to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. This is a phrase that patients with advanced tumors often hear in large western hospitals. Therefore, some patients with advanced stage came to the Chinese hospital with the last hope. These patients often undergo surgery, radiotherapy and multiple courses of chemotherapy, and eventually develop multiple metastases throughout the body, poor health, low immune function, and even jaundice, large amounts of chest and abdomen water and multiple organ failure. This view is wrong. First of all, there is no contradiction between traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. Second, the advantages of TCM in the treatment of malignant tumors are not limited to the late stage. On the contrary, early postoperative treatment of patients with traditional Chinese medicine is often effective with half the effort.

Studies have shown that tumor recurrence and metastasis after surgery, usually within 2 years after surgery, will gradually reduce the probability of recurrence and metastasis over time. Therefore, the postoperative treatment with traditional Chinese medicine fuzheng peiben can improve the immunity of the body, promote the functional recovery of the viscera, and have certain advantages in preventing tumor recurrence and metastasis. On the contrary, when the patient reaches the advanced stage, the tumor load is too large, and the multiple organs are weakened, so it is just like praying mantis armguard, which is often difficult to be effective.

Mistake 2: surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy damage is too great, only traditional Chinese medicine treatment is good

Some patients said, “I’m here to take Chinese medicine. I don’t do chemotherapy.” Such patients place too high expectations on TCM treatment and hope to make tumor remission through TCM treatment alone. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy often plays the role of killing, suppressing cancer cells and improving cancer prevention by activating the immune function of the body.

For advanced patients who are older, have poor general conditions, have good cell differentiation, have slow tumor progression, and have undergone multiple treatments, they can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine alone. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine has the effect of reducing toxicity and increasing efficiency in radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The use of traditional Chinese medicine to prevent and control the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is a major feature of Chinese medicine in the treatment of tumors.

However, many clinical experiences in the treatment of malignant tumors have proved that single treatment is not ideal. On the contrary, multidisciplinary comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese and western medicine is more effective. Therefore, it is suggested that the patient should allow the physician to combine the actual situation of the disease development and formulate the most suitable individualized treatment plan. Generally speaking, the combination of Chinese and western medicine is worth promoting in the whole process.

Mistake 3: find an old Chinese medicine doctor to prescribe a few traditional Chinese medicine

Many patients think that traditional Chinese medicine is a general practitioner, whether internal medicine or surgery, it is to look at the tongue, feel the pulse, and then open a prescription, the key is to find an experienced old Chinese medicine. This view is also one-sided.

With the development of Chinese medicine, in most Chinese hospitals, Chinese doctors also have a definite division. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the combination of disease differentiation and syndrome differentiation. Disease differentiation therapy is to use different drugs for different diseases. Most doctors in China are familiar with syndrome differentiation and treatment, but specialists will be more familiar with disease differentiation and treatment, because specialists can better grasp the development rules of diseases, especially for doctors who can master both sets of traditional Chinese and western medicine, they can know more about themselves and know the other, and better use appropriate treatment methods to provide services to patients.

Traditional Chinese medicine oncology is a relatively independent discipline, which has its particularity in treatment. Secondly, there are more drugs in the group, some of which have small toxicity, some have large toxicity, need to be used carefully. In addition, modern pharmacological studies believe that many traditional Chinese medicines have the effect of killing and inhibiting cancer cells directly, but their types and properties are different, and they are targeted in different ways. In addition, when the patient’s condition changes, the specialist doctor can give timely and accurate Suggestions to guide the patient to choose the next treatment plan.

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