The understanding of “cancer poison” in Chinese medicine

Modern medicine thinks, so called cancer poison, it is the substance that does not exist in the body in normal life process commonly, or the material that originally ADAPTS to the life activity of the body exceeded the need of the life body originally, and formed harm to the body. In the body of tumor patients, most of them are the accumulation of a variety of toxic substances, such as various biochemical factor toxins released by cancer cells and excessive metabolic toxins in the body As a result, the body’s metabolism is disordered, the human body’s resistance is decreased, the tumor grows rapidly and appears diffusive metastasis.

Discussion on cancer toxicity in Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that poison is caused by evil spirit, and evil victory is called poison. As the article of synopsis of the golden chamber, baihe fox’s syndrome treatment of Yin and Yang venomous disease, “poison, evil spirit contains a mysterious meaning”. That is, the patient with poison is easy to get sick, easily damage positive qi, cause serious harm to human body, complicated pathogenesis, easy to transmit change, rapid development, and difficult to cure. Its clinical characteristics and manifestations are similar to those of malignant tumor, which is called “cancer poison” in modern Chinese medicine.

Due to the limitation of The Times and the change of language, the early Chinese medicine literature did not have the name “cancer poison”, but had the same discussion. As hua tuo said in the forty-first book of the Chinese Tibetan classics, “the tumors are not allowed to leave their organs and organs. Song · Yang shiying said in the baoshu of wei ji and the theory that ren zhai pointed to the side of relics: “cancer, high and low, the shape of a cave, many tired, poison root deep.” In addition, throughout the history of doctors on the treatment of tumor methods and drugs are mostly aimed at attacking the evil of its cancer toxin, and in clinical verification of the objective existence of cancer virus.

How does cancer poison produce

The common inducing factors of carcinotoxin are mainly the abnormal gas at the time of external sensation and the persistent stimulation of internal injury, fatigue and sentiment, or the feeling of industrial and chemical substances, etc.

The type or form of cancer toxin

Carcinotoxin begins to be born, and then causes the imbalance of viscera and qi and qi and blood, leading to the metabolic disorder of the body and various types or forms of carcinotoxin. In general, “cancer toxicity” mainly refers to the various biochemical toxins released by cancer cells, the existence of various excessive metabolic toxins in the body, and the appearance of such pathological products as poison, cold and blood stasis in traditional Chinese medicine. These carcinotoxins are the long-term stimulating factors of the body to regulate and maintain the malignant state of cancer cells, and are always involved in the pathogenesis, development and regression of cancer.

1. Metabolic toxins accumulated in the body

Modern tumor biochemistry studies have confirmed that tumor cells show a vigorous metabolic state due to the sharp increase of tumor load in tumor patients. In this process, it will not only cause the disorder of metabolism of sugar, fat, amino acids and other substances in the body, but also lead to abnormal metabolism of lipids, nucleic acids, glycoproteins, glycolipids and other cellular structural components, resulting in a large accumulation of metabolic toxins in the body.

Cancer cell secretion

Studies have shown that cancer cells, or cells in the body “bewitched” by cancer cells, release a variety of biochemical factors to regulate and maintain the malignant state of cancer cells.

Common ones are: survivin, which is highly expressed in tumor tissues, participates in the occurrence and development of tumors and determines the sustainable survival of cancer cells. The effects of TGF- q, BN and IGF on tumor growth were investigated Transfected growth factor-alpha – isoflavine (TGF- alpha) inhibits the body’s anti-tumor immune response. Tumor angiogenesis induced by FGF, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), platelet derived endothelial growth factor (pd-ecgf), EGF, interleukin-8 (il-8) The cleanser urokinase type fibrinolytic enzyme (u-pa), tissue type fibrinolytic enzyme (t-pa), stromal lysin, epidermal growth factor (EGF), ATX polypeptide (ATX), which are open to invasion and metastasis of cancer cells

3. Pathological products of poison, cold and blood stasis

The metabolic toxins and secretions of various cancer cells accumulated in cancer patients are toxic, cold and stasis in TCM And with other causes in the body caused by cold coagulation, phlegm stasis toxic binding, aggravate the accumulation of such toxic substances.

In a word, these are only some forms and types of cancer toxin. No matter what form or type of cancer toxin, it can promote the continuous growth, metastasis, concealment, diffusion of tumor, and consume various nutrients of the body Therefore, “cancer poison” is the real “prime culprit” of cancer, and the large accumulation of various carcinogens will further aggravate the metabolic barrier of normal tissues of the body, eventually leading to a vicious cycle, resulting in the appearance of anemia, bleeding, wasting, hydrothorax and hydrothorax, etc., ultimately leading to the death of patients.

The treatment of tumor original clear source — clear cancer toxin is the key

According to the characteristics of cancer pathogenesis, formed the unique in the process of long-term clinical syndrome factor differentiation of tumor – remove cancer experience and characteristics, the total principle is based on the syndrome factor differentiation of tumor, anticancer detoxification, centralizer tonify deficiency, qi and blood and in different disease factors give attention to two or morethings, protect the spleen and stomach, attaches great importance to the whole regulation, a radically unique remove cancer drugs therapy – remove cancer therapy of traditional Chinese medicine.

The therapy can eliminate tumor patients poison, cold, blood stasis, accelerate metabolism, or remove cancer cells release a variety of biochemical factors and accumulation in the body of the various metabolic toxins, eliminate cancer poison and the existence of “soil”, not only make tumors shrinking subsidise, avoid the spread of the tumor metastasis, avoid conventional surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments have failed.

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