The principle of removing cancer toxin in Chinese medicine

According to the characteristics of cancer pathogenesis, formed the unique in the process of long-term clinical syndrome factor differentiation of tumor – remove cancer experience and characteristics, the total principle is based on the syndrome factor differentiation of tumor, anticancer detoxification, tonify deficiency centralizer, and in different disease factors give attention to two or morethings qi and blood, to protect the spleen and stomach, attaches great importance to the whole regulation, the formation of radical unique remove cancer drug therapy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) – remove cancer drug therapy.

The treatment can eliminate tumor patients poison, cold, blood stasis, accelerate metabolism, or remove cancer cells release a variety of biochemical factors, build up in the body of various metabolic toxins, eliminate cancer poison and the existence of “soil”, not only make tumors shrinking subsidise, avoid the spread of the tumor metastasis, avoid conventional surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments have failed.

Dispel cancer poison, eliminate the prime culprit of cancer

According to the theory of “oncotoxicity”, removing oncotoxicity is the first step in cancer treatment. A large anti-cancer detoxification and detoxification method was established to remove cancer toxin, including detoxifying heat, detoxifying phlegm, reducing sputum clearing damp, softening and hardening, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, etc. Moreover, these drugs contain active ingredients to remove secretions of specific cancer cells, and can remove various biochemical factors and secretions released by cancer cells. For example, survivin can be effectively eliminated, leading to apoptosis of cancer cells (suicide). Reduce tumor secretion and transform growth factor – q, and reverse tumor rapid growth Scavenging or inactivating the lysozyme u-pa, t-pa, stromal lysosin, epidermal growth factor (EGF), ATX polypeptide that opens the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells It can completely eliminate the tumor toxin, promote the tumor atrophy and retreat, and avoid the tumor diffusion and metastasis.

Repair deficiency and improve normal metabolism

Tonifying deficiency and supporting is another important principle of removing cancer toxin therapy. The traditional Chinese medicine for removing cancer and toxin is nourishing Yin, nourishing qi, nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney It can make full use of the most important “defense system” and “repair system” of the human body, reverse the imbalance of the strength of both sides, and play an effective role in fighting cancer and inhibiting the spread of cancer virus. It can effectively solve all kinds of internal organs, qi and blood weakness of tumor patients, restore the normal metabolic system of the body, accelerate the metabolism of cancer cell secretions and the excretion of metabolic toxins accumulated by the body, and gradually reduce various symptoms of cancer patients, such as wasting, anemia, and evil fluid quality. And enhance the anti-cancer detoxification effect, accelerate the tumor atrophy.

Regulate the spleen and stomach and accelerate the recovery process

Cancer in different stages of the disease, its cancer virulence degree is different, the function of spleen and stomach is damaged different, so in the treatment of removing cancer toxin, the spleen and stomach should also be adjusted to speed up the recovery process of the body.

Chinese medicine says: “the spleen and stomach a defeat, a hundred medicine difficult to apply.” In the treatment of cancer, special attention should be paid to the spleen and stomach. Spleen and stomach are the essence of the day after tomorrow, which not only transports water and grain, but also relies on the normal development of drugs, so as to strengthen the nutrition absorption and drug absorption of the body and create conditions for the body to recover. Therefore, when removing the cancer toxin, it should be combined with the use of drugs such as liqi, stomach, balmy and decanting spleen, invigorating spleen and nourishing qi, etc., which will help the spleen to transport and digest food, which is conducive to the maintenance of patients’ physical condition, and accelerate the recovery of the disease.

In a word, the elimination of cancer toxin in traditional Chinese medicine USES a variety of ways and precise Chinese herbal formula to effectively eliminate “cancer poison” — the “prime culprit” of cancer. Restoring the most important “defense system” and “repair system” of the human body plays an effective role in fighting cancer, fixing cancer and restraining the spread of cancer virus. Strengthen the absorption of nutrition and medicine in spleen and stomach and accelerate the recovery of disease. The aim of the whole body is to keep the qi and blood fluid running smoothly, to smooth the functions of the viscera, to balance the qi and blood Yin and Yang, and to keep the tumor free from parasitism.

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