The American cancer society recommends four traditional Chinese medicines

American medicine has targeted “” eliminating pain and reducing death” “for cancer treatment in 2015. Although traditional Chinese medicine as a whole is not recognized by the U.S. government and the medical community, the use of certain herbs in complementary and complementary therapies for cancer treatment has been advocated. Because clinical trials have shown that traditional Chinese medicine plays an important role in relieving the discomfort and pain caused by chemotherapy and improving one’s immunity. Recently, the American cancer society, the nation’s largest nongovernmental health organization, detailed on its website four Chinese herbal remedies that can help treat cancer, including ginkgo, ginseng, astragalus and green tea. Ginkgo biloba: it is very popular in Europe and America these days. It can increase blood circulation in the brain, improve the nervous system, enhance memory and relieve moderate levels of senile amnesia. Compounds in some ginkgo biloba can inhibit the formation of certain tumors in the human body. In addition, ginkgo contains antioxidants that can repair DNA damage in cells and reduce the risk of cancer. Ginseng: contains anti-cancer ingredients, can improve the vitality of the human body, alleviate fatigue, and is conducive to the recovery of patients. In addition, it can reduce depressive symptoms in patients, protect the heart and prevent hardening of arteries, and improve digestion and absorption. Astragalus: animal trials and preliminary clinical trials have shown that astragalus can boost human immunity, enhance the effectiveness of routine immunotherapy in some cancers, and kill cancer cells and reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy. Astragalus is also the main ingredient in many traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for physical fitness. Green tea: some researchers believe that the anticancer effect of green tea is due to its antioxidant properties, but there is no consistent conclusion from existing studies. In general, Chinese medicine has received more and more attention in the United States, and its status has been gradually improved. But to convince American researchers and doctors who believe in clinical trials, there must be plenty of clinical or trial data. In addition to the research carried out by americans themselves, Chinese TCM research results should be published in influential foreign medical journals to expand their influence, but not in Chinese journals.

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