T2DM increases gastric cancer risk after H. pylori eradication

The researchers found that 153 patients (0.33 percent) developed gastric cancer at a median age of 72.4 years. Type 2 diabetes was linked to an increased risk for gastric cancer (adjusted hazard ratio, 1.73). Stratified statistical analysis demonstrated a significantly for gastric cardia cancer (adjusted hazard ratio, 3.40) and in those with suboptimal glycemic control (adjusted hazard ratio, 1.68).

“Type 2 diabetes mellitus was associated with an increased risk in H. pylori-infected patients who had received eradication therapy, especially those with suboptimal glycemic control and who did not use metformin,” the authors write. “Targeted screening should be considered after eradication therapy in high-risk H. pylori-infected patients with .”


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