Smart Chinese medicine for targeted removal of cancer cells

In the human and the struggles of cancer, after years of unremitting efforts, has developed a “targeted bomb” — traditional Chinese medicine for cancer tumors had targeted therapies, such a “bomb” can carry anti-cancer active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicines directly to cancer lesions, in this way, anticancer drugs can kill tumor cells without affecting surrounding healthy tissue.

Because of its significant, selective, nondestructive, nontoxic effects, it is more effective than all current treatments. It can also be used in combination with surgery and other methods.

In addition, surgical resection of cancer tissues is not accurate enough at this stage. Besides, some parts, such as arteries and veins, are not suitable for surgery, but smart Chinese medicine bombs can be used in various parts of the body to deal with various types of cancer cells. The advantage over chemotherapy is even greater because it doesn’t kill normal cells.

It is understood that “targeted bomb” the chemical – efficacy pharmacokinetic three-dimensional system (3 d – system screening technology) screening of antitumor active ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine compound targeted, and by using high-tech to return after led by targeting therapy and macro technology, make the targeted active ingredient for a long time, high concentration gathered in specific channels and collaterals or viscera, or tumor’s location, effectively regulate the body function, and promote cancer cell death, and not affected the normal tissue around the tumor cells.

Experts say that Chinese medicine can specifically target active components and target molecules on the surface of cancer cells. Important proteins or enzymes in tumor cell apoptosis signal or signal transduction pathway are regulated to promote tumor cell specific apoptosis, and then the tumor body shrinks. The birth of targeted therapy for tumor in traditional Chinese medicine has made cancer farewell to the trauma and sequelae of previous surgery, various side effects and adverse reactions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and realized the pioneering of non-invasive and efficient treatment of tumor in traditional Chinese medicine

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