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Anti-cancer Story of 33-year-old Optimistic Mother: Don’t Treat Yourself as a Patient

On October 31, in the conference room on the negative first floor of the image building of Linyi Cancer Hospital, there were bursts of laughter and laughter. They sang loudly and humbly on the stage, shared their treatment experience, which soup is more nutritious, which exercise method is more effective… Enjoy the life of ordinary women. It’s just this kind of fun that they regain after experiencing the fight against cancer. They are members of the “pink ribbon” and women with breast cancer are now optimistic and actively “hugging” to fight cancer.
In January 2015, Chinese singer Yao Bena died of breast cancer. Earlier, she spoke for “Pink Ribbon” sponsored by Fashion Health magazine, advocating early prevention, early detection and early treatment of breast cancer for women. October of each year is designated as “Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment Month”. On October 25, 2018, famous host Li Yong died of cancer in the United States and brought anti-cancer back to the public. In fact, in Linyi, there are many “Yao Bena” who bravely face cancer. As an ordinary member of many cancer patients, Fu Xiaoyan, an optimistic 33-year-old singing mother, told her own anti-cancer story.
“Two physical examinations, two escapes”
Time: May 2017
Key words: physical examination, CT
The day Fu Xiaoyan diagnosed breast cancer was May 2017. At first she didn’t believe it, but she saw the doctor’s evasive eyes and hesitant words in the town hospital, and went to the breast Department of Linyi Cancer Hospital for molybdenum target examination, and finally realized that she had not evaded it. “Doctors say this is a cancer of happiness, good treatment.” Fu Xiaoyan pretended calmly to throw the inspection report to her husband. She ran to the toilet and cried for half an hour. After coming out, she saw her husband’s red eyes. “The doctor said it’s okay. Don’t look at it.” That’s what Fu Xiaoyan told her parents. Later, the mother found the inspection report that was left in the room by accident and forced her to be taken to the hospital for treatment. “It’s okay to call them all so serious?” On May 10, Fu Xiaoyan had her first operation. Before the operation, she still couldn’t figure out how she could get cancer because she was usually a woman with no medicine for her cold and fever. Operating lights are a bit dazzling. Zhang Xinfa, the doctor in charge, quickly put the anesthetics into the nasal aspirator. The pale light seems to soften up. In a relaxed state, Fu Xiaoyan closed her eyes and fell asleep after seeing the clock on the wall at 13:00, counting the seconds and walking less than two laps. Opening her eyes again, it was the next morning that Fu Xiaoyan woke up in the critical surveillance room and touched her bosom wrapped in gauze. “Well, it’s still there.” Fu Xiaoyan’s family surrounded her, and her husband said to her, “No, no, no, I don’t want to give up anyway.” Only then did Fu Xiaoyan react that the breast with cancer had been really excised. At 11 p.m., her husband, who had been busy all day, had gone to bed. Fu Xiaoyan was upset and wanted to escape from the hospital. Late at night, there were very few vehicles on the road. Fu Xiaoyan walked madly. Her sadness, irritability and anger burst out at this moment. She wanted to shout loudly, but she had no strength. She didn’t calm down until she was found by a passing patient and returned to the hospital. Ten days later, the doctor told Fu Xiaoyan that she needed to start chemotherapy and radiotherapy for up to six months. This is a fatal blow to Aimei’s Fu Xiaoyan, who once again chose to run away. After her husband found her, he said to her again and again, “The cure rate of this disease is very high, and living is the most important thing.”
“Don’t treat yourself as a patient, broadcast live during treatment”
Time: June 2017
Key words: chemotherapy, side effects, radiotherapy
The first chemotherapy started with an eight-hour infusion. The next day, the legendary chemotherapeutic response arrived on schedule. Vomiting, feet and legs weakness, low back pain, massive hair loss, edema. During chemotherapy, Fu Xiaoyan’s weight increased from 130 to 160 Jin due to the action of drug hormones. After two chemotherapies, the 9-year-old daughter slowly found her mother’s serious hair loss. “How did you lose so much hair recently?” Fu Xiaoyan asked her mother to braid her hair and put on her wool cap. One day, her daughter’s head teacher called her, and her daughter was very distracted in class, which seriously affected her academic performance. Fu Xiaoyan realized that her emotions had affected her children and that as a mother, she had to face them firmly. Aimei Fu Xiaoyan simply shaved her head and bought a wig. “Before I go out, I make up, wear wigs, and leave the hospital laughing like a normal person, not treating myself as a patient. My husband said that three points of treatment and seven nutrients, optimistic attitude is the most important. After the wife was hospitalized for half a year, her husband laid down his work and accompanied him in bed for half a year. “Every time after chemo, I am weak all over. When I don’t want to eat one day, my husband will put a spoonful of porridge on my mouth and force me to drink. He will also change the way to buy good food for me, pig tail, durian, what is good for the body. Fu Xiaoyan said. After 8 times of chemotherapy, according to the doctor’s advice, Fu Xiaoyan received another month of radiotherapy to consolidate the previous stage of treatment. It is reported that radiation therapy is to use radiation to “kill” cancer cells, because cancer cells in the body, to eliminate cancer cells, the epidermis and muscle nerves will be affected first. After radiotherapy, Fu Xiaoyan’s skin became black and scorched. Nevertheless, she accepted it with a smile. During the treatment, Fu Xiaoyan, who likes singing, started live broadcasting, and netizens in the studio ordered her to sing a song. “I like singing very much. I feel no pressure after singing.”
“I went with my sick friends to pick cattails and give them to the nurses.”
Time: October 2017

Key words: nurse, family, dream realization
For cancer patients, a word and expression from doctors and nurses can make both patients and their families feel at ease. Fortunately, in Fu Xiaoyan’s words, she met a group of medical staff who treated her like a family member. Wei Hai, a breast nurse, will be kindly called a “small meeting” by the patients. Every time Fu Xiaoyan sees her, she will feel at ease. “Patients are very vulnerable, and a smile can give them great comfort.” Not only Wei Haihui, but also nurses and doctors in mammary Department treat patients as their relatives. To thank them for their care, Fu Xiaoyan and other patients often bring some delicious food to the nurses, but they never accept it. “They don’t accept expensive gifts. We always like our own flowers very much.” Fu Xiaoyan and her sister went to the Yihe River to collect beautiful cattails for nurses and doctors and put them in vases in their offices. Since then, these green plants have often blossomed in the mammary family. Before suffering from cancer, Fu Xiaoyan helped in the hardware store at home. She also had to take care of her 7-year-old daughter and 2-year-old children. She had always dreamed of opening a jewelry store, but had no time to do so. After discharging from hospital, her husband and family together prepared a shop for her, called “Swallow children’s clothes”. “I used to be a little hot-tempered, sometimes quarrelling, now everything is for her, as long as she is happy every day.” Mr. Fu’s husband blushed his eyes.
At last year’s “Pink Ribbon” Fellowship, Fu Xiaoyan, a singer, sang “Fire” with her sister, when she had just finished radiation therapy, she was embarrassed and did not dare to look forward to the future. Today, she has her own jewelry store which she has long dreamed of. She is optimistic, confident and like ordinary people. She brings “The Most Beautiful Expectations” to the patients on the spot of the fraternity, looking forward to the future, and also has the future.
Author’s postscript: In Linyi, the average number of breast cancer patients in Linyi Cancer Hospital increased from more than 100 in 2005 to more than 700 in 17 years. Nationwide, 10,000 people a day and 7 people a minute are diagnosed with cancer, and the incidence is younger. But in the field of medicine, the defense and treatment of cancer have never stopped, and getting cancer is not the same as death. Cancer is one of the major diseases threatening human health. Many people always talk about the color change of cancer. On the contrary, some patients face the disease positively with optimism and touch the people around them. WHO has pointed out that more than 40% of cancers can be prevented, and early detection, diagnosis and treatment are the key to reduce cancer mortality. What we can do is to “shoulder the gates of darkness and let them go to broad and bright places”, spread more positive energy anti-cancer stories like Fu Xiaoyan, and give each other confidence.


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