Seven taboos of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer

There are seven taboos in the treatment of cancer in traditional Chinese medicine: avoid the excessive use of live blood, avoid the excessive use of drugs to fight against poison, avoid the excessive use of drugs to fight against diarrhea, avoid the improper use of complementary drugs, avoid diet or when taking drugs, avoid concealing the disease, do not cooperate with drugs, avoid not follow the doctor’s instructions to stop drugs at will. If choose to use traditional Chinese medicine treatment, must pay attention to these seven bogey.


First, avoid live blood too much medicine. Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis is one of the methods of treating tumors in traditional Chinese medicine. However, we must pay attention to the indications.

If the patient’s tumor has been excised, or has been metastasized in many places, and the body is weak, the use of blood products as little as possible. Due to long-term use of blood circulation products, the disease can make more deficiency, and it is possible to activate cancer cells, resulting in rapid blood transfer or recurrence.

Seven taboos of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer

Two, avoid to fight poison with poison the quantity of drug is too big. There are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine for tumor treatment, such as antipyretic detoxification, invigorating blood circulation and removing stasis, soft and firm astigmatism, removing phlegm and dampness, regulating qi and blood, etc. The method of attacking poison with poison should decide which kind of medicine to use according to the condition, position, course of disease and physical strength.

If too many of its highly toxic drugs are used, and no other drugs are used, the consequences are severe. It is often heard that some cancer patients mistakenly take the “folk prescription” and the virulent Chinese medicine, leading to the undeserved death.

Seven taboos of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer

Three, avoid to pour down attack and cut down too fierce. Cancer is a systemic wasting disease. During the process of growth and reproduction, cancer cells consume a lot of energy and nutrients in the body, causing emptiness in the body and a series of nutritional barriers and metabolic disorders.

If a large number of patients use xiexie medicine to attack too aggressively, it will make them weaker physically, seriously hurt their health, and sharply reduce their immune function and resistance, especially after surgery. Once they fall down, it will be difficult to recover their vigor, which will undoubtedly result in a “worse situation”.

Seven taboos of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer

Iv. Avoid improper use of rehydration drugs. As a result of the consumption caused by cancer, so that the patient shows the deficiency of corresponding viscera and the decline of the whole body constitution. At this time, the doctor and family members will instruct the patient to strengthen nutrition and pay attention to rest, but some patients lack common sense.

Because the traditional Chinese medicine nourishing medicine clinical on divides into four kinds: supplements the gas, supplements the blood, supplements the Yin, supplements the Yang. In addition, there are cold, hot, warm and cool differences in medicinal properties. Friends with conditions can take ginsenoside rh2 to enhance the immunity of the body.

Seven taboos of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer

Avoid not strict diet or medication. The treatment of tumor by traditional Chinese medicine is emphasized. For the “contraindications” of tumor patients, it is suggested that the diet should not be too narrow, the contraindications should not be too strict, and the function of spleen and stomach as well as the cold, heat and deficiency of the disease should be treated with necessary food supplements and food therapy.

In addition, certain diseases require some foods to be contraindicated, such as low boil abstaining from meat and hair matter, lung abstaining from spicy food, edema patient banning salt, jaundice patient avoiding greasy food, warm disease contraindicating all spicy hot food, cold disease contraindicating raw and cold fruits.

Seven taboos of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer

6. Avoid concealing illness and not cooperating with medication. Once a cancer patient is diagnosed, the doctor or family member should inform the patient strategically in order to cooperate with the treatment. Especially in traditional Chinese medicine, we emphasize the methods of seeing, hearing, asking and cutting.

Cancer is not a disease that can be cured by taking a few traditional Chinese medicines, but requires a long-term treatment process. Once patients feel that the short-term effect is not obvious, they will naturally become suspicious, and even refuse treatment or request to change hospitals, doctors and drugs.

Avoid stopping the medicine at will without following the doctor’s advice. Cancer treatment must not be “good to see and accept.” Many tumor patients have had active treatment at the beginning of the disease, and how much money is spent to recognize, such as surgical resection, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc., when the tumor resection or radiation, chemotherapy after the lesion disappeared, it is considered to be complete.

The reason for this is that these patients are confused by the illusion that the cancer has disappeared, do not understand the mechanism of cancer formation and its etiology, and naively believe that such diseases can be solved by the injection of drugs like the cold and pneumonia.

Seven taboos of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer

Matters needing attention

See traditional Chinese medicine to want to seek the specialized subject doctor that has treatment tumor experience to diagnose and cure, do not look for the so-called “lang zhong” that pack treats everything to prescribe medicine and delay oneself. In fact, there are a lot of patients due to indiscriminate medical treatment, abuse of traditional Chinese medicine and aggravated the disease, this is a painful lesson.

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