Prevention of COVID-19 with licorice and ginger flavored soup

Prevention of COVID-19 with licorice and ginger flavored soup
Synopsis of golden chamber liquorice dried ginger soup is set up for the treatment of astir cold lung dysfunction. Zhong jing said, “the pulse number at the inch of his mouth. Why does he cough with turbid saliva in his mouth? Teacher said: for the disease of lung dysfunction. Lung flaccidity, it is to point to the flaccidity of the lung leaves is weak need not, clinical with cough spit turbid saliva is a symptom, for the chronic asthenia of the lung damage sex disease. Therefore, zhongjing used licorice dried ginger soup to warm lung qi, warm Yang sanhan to treat lung impotence.

According to wuhan first-line Chinese medicine experts, the etiology and pathogenesis of COVID – 19 was confirmed as cold and wet epidemic. Symptoms included fatigue, cough, stuffy chest and loose stools. Licorice dried ginger soup with schisandra fruit, called licorice dried ginger flavored soup, for the prevention of COVID-19. In addition to the constitution of susceptible people, this prescription has the advantages of homologous medicine and food, sour, hot and sweet taste, less but better medicine, and easy to be accepted by hungarians and europeans. At the beginning of march, 2020, the association of Hungarian Chinese and overseas Chinese major communities to fight the epidemic, the application of the party in Budapest several Chinese restaurants, panda supermarket, chamber of commerce hall, and Hungarian cities in the Chinese restaurant decoction, free for the Chinese and hungarians to provide herbal tea, good response, widely praised.

In the 1950s, there was a flu in northeast China. My supervisor, professor ma ji, came to the front line and treated a large number of patients. He had taken licorice ginger soup to prevent the infection.

COVID-19 belongs to the plague of Chinese medicine and is highly infectious. According to the analysis of morbidity and mortality in various countries, most of the patients with severe illness and death are elderly people and people with basic chronic diseases. Its commonness is: Yang qi is insufficient (western medicine thinks immune function is low). Therefore, licorice root ginger flavor soup to the main processing licorice, yiqi and in. “Long service light body yan nian” (” shennong Ben cao jing “). Ye tianshi said: “licorice gas flat, bingtian autumn cool gold gas, with lunar lung; Weigan non-toxic, bingdi peace of the earth taste, into the foot lunar spleen. Qi, Yang also, lung qi, spleen blood, lung for the five zang long, the spleen is the mother of all things, sweet can solve cold, qi can clear heat. Licorice gan ping, into the lungs into the spleen, so the main five zang fu cold and evil. Dried ginger xin wen, warm Yang of spleen and stomach. Combined with licorice root, cymbidium syntheticum, the focus in the heat of the sun to warm the lung, lung as the main qi, spleen and stomach as the source of blood and energy, zhongyang lung can be warm, is the meaning of gold. More schisandra fruit, to astringent lung gas and cough, tonify the kidney and calm the heart and calm the mind. “Shen nong Ben cao jing” said: “schisandrae taste acid, warm, non-toxic, the main yiqi, cough adverse qi, fatigue injury thin thin, fill up the shortage, strong Yin yiman essence. Auxiliary licorice ginger to warm the spleen and lungs and liver Yang. Under normal circumstances, the qi of the east liver and gallbladder rises, then the remaining dirty from the xuanfa. As sun simiao said: “often take schisandra fruit to fill the five zang qi.”

In this outbreak, why are the most severe and dead elderly people? Because pass a cold winter, the old person that has foundation disease especially old person, be like hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetic wait, as the consumption of Yang qi inside body, wait for Yang qi to rise when hair, its Yang qi rises hair not to come up, or rise hair is very slow, cause inside body its dirty Yang qi is insufficient. In addition to experience the evil of epidemic virus, resulting in the lung qi xuanfa purging down dysfunction, the evil into the lung, the formation of phlegm drink blocked in the lung, and breathing difficulties. Critical illness, even death.

Therefore, according to the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease and the constitution of susceptible people, licorice root ginger soup supplements the Yang qi in the body, so that the rise and fall of the gas hub is normal, that is, “healthy qi storage, evil can’t dry.” A novel coronavirus cannot survive independently and needs to find a suitable host to become ill. Human body zhengqi foot, the virus is not easy to attack, the virus does not hold water, so it does not come on, or hair and will not become severe.

This prescription is used for the prevention of COVID-19, suitable for all susceptible adults, especially in ordinary hands and feet afraid of cold, not thirsty mouth, the lower body often cold, the elderly frequent urination, easy to fatigue. To Yang hot constitution and Yin deficient fire flourishing person is unfavorable this side.

According to the principle of asking, the theory of being angry and reaching heaven: “the sun is rising, the sun is rising and the sun is rising, the sun is rising and the sun is rising, the sun is rising and the sun is rising and the sun is rising. The Yang qi in the body running rules, it is recommended to take this prescription in the morning, with the body Yang qi rising from time to time to fill its Yang qi.

In conclusion, the prevention of COVID-19 is focused on increasing the positive energy in the body. And in the spring season, the method to improve Yang qi must be liver, and the way to liver is: tonic, acid diarrhea, gan slow. Therefore, licorice root ginger soup to warm up the spleen and lung Yang qi, at the same time, can make the human liver Yang qi to rise, lung gold gas can fall, qi qi normal, the virus can be prevented.

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