ou think a minor illness may be a sign of cancer!

It’s only 3 months from abdominal pain to cancer! You think a minor illness may be a sign of cancer!

Ms. Zhu, 56, of Jilin Province, worked hard for most of her life and finally retired in March last year. Originally, I thought I could enjoy my life. I also made an appointment with 35 friends to visit Hainan in August. As a result, in June, the daughter-in-law was pregnant with a baby, and her son went on business irregularly for a long time. The burden of taking care of pregnant women fell on Ms. Zhu’s shoulders.
In the months after July and August 2017, Ms. Zhu occasionally suffered from lumbar soreness and abdominal pain. She thought it was because she had worked too hard to take care of pregnant women. She didn’t pay much attention to it. She went to the pharmacy and bought anti-inflammatory drugs several times. Later, the pain did not improve after taking the medicine. On the contrary, abdominal pain was more frequent and the pain was unbearable, so they were admitted to hospital for examination. A bolt of thunder struck the woman who had just retired and was about to have grandchildren – ovarian cancer, advanced stage.

After diagnosis, Ms. Zhu’s pelvic tumors were about 8 cm. The hospital determined that the treatment plan was surgery plus adjuvant chemotherapy. The operation removed her ovaries, uterine appendages and part of the intestinal tract. After the operation, she received six stages of chemotherapy. The side effects were obvious in the last two stages of chemotherapy, during which Ms. Zhu had bone marrow suppression and leukopenia was particularly severe. Ms. Zhu once wanted to give up.
After the end of chemotherapy, Ms. Zhu was introduced by an old sister and found me to carry out the rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine to prevent the recurrence of cancer. In the chat, Ms. Zhu sighed: “In fact, in the three months before the diagnosis of cancer, my abdomen ached many times, but every time I thought it was eating bad stomach, coupled with the hard work of taking care of pregnant women at home, so I didn’t care, who thought, more than three months developed into cancer.”

Many people have the same perplexity as Ms. Zhu. Before that, they had been in good health. Cancer seemed to come out of the blue. On the contrary, the process of precancerous cancer is long and slow. It is the persecution of the human body suffered from some or some adverse factors for a long time under the condition of low immunity, such as “wind-cold-dampness evil” as we call it in traditional Chinese medicine.
Normally, when the human body is destroyed by external or self-harmful factors, it is cleared or repaired by the strong immune function of the human body. But when the human immunity is low for a long time, it is not enough to resist these adverse factors. Over the years, the focus is formed.
However, cancer has no obvious symptoms or atypical symptoms in the early stage, which is easy to be ignored. Like Ms. Zhu, there are many people who mistake ovarian cancer for abdominal pain. This is also one of the reasons why most of the cancer patients diagnosed clinically are not early.
In the middle and late stages of cancer, its symptoms become more and more typical, and the disease deteriorates faster. Therefore, patients in the middle and late stages will have the illusion that everything is well before, suddenly perceive a physical problem, the examination is cancer, feeling that the cancer is suddenly coming to you.
Although there are no obvious symptoms in the early stage of ovarian cancer, if there are the following symptoms, please do not ignore, it may be the signal of ovarian cancer to you, let alone subjective mistake it for other minor ailments.

Four major early symptoms of ovarian cancer
Abdominal pain: Because the abdominal cavity has been invaded by tumors for a long time, there will be pain in the waist and abdomen. Lower abdominal pain is also one of the typical symptoms of ovarian cancer. Therefore, women with lower abdominal pain should seek medical treatment in time, especially for women over 40 years old.
Lower extremity edema or pudendum enlargement: When the tumors grow to a certain size, they will oppress the pelvic cavity and make the blood flow unobstructed, and then show the phenomenon of pudendum enlargement and lower extremity edema.

Menstruation or amenorrhea: It is normal to delay or advance normal menstruation for a week, but if this month is delayed, next month is advanced, or even rare menstruation occurs, this means that the ovary is out of order. If prolonged amenorrhea, may be endocrine disorders, at this time should be timely medical treatment.

Sex hormone disorder: When the ovary has tumors, the endocrine function of the ovary will be affected, leading to abnormal sex hormone secretion.
It is difficult to treat cancer. One reason is that cancer deteriorates rapidly in the middle and late stages, with a large degree and accompanied by metastasis, which causes great limitations in the treatment, which is also an important factor in the high mortality rate of cancer. Early detection and treatment of cancer is still the greatest hope for survival of cancer patients.
If ovarian cancer is found in time, there is no metastasis, early surgical resection of the tumor effect is still considerable. After operation, or after radiotherapy and chemotherapy with traditional Chinese medicine conditioning can play a role in reducing toxicity and increasing efficiency, inhibiting cancer recurrence. TCM treatment of cancer can effectively alleviate patients’pain, improve the quality of life, prolong life and reduce cancer mortality.

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