Novel coronavirus (covid-19)

COVID-19 is rampant in the country. Its high transmissibility, transmissibility, lethality and its rare concealment and difficulty in curing make it one of the smartest and most feared killers of all time. As a Chinese medicine worker, I stand in the position of a Chinese medicine person to analyze this virus.
Modern medicine calls the maker of the plague a novel coronavirus (covid-19). There are also many descriptions of the epidemic virus in ancient books, but none of them make it clear what it is. So I deduce from verifiable facts.
China has experienced many plagues since ancient times. Zhang zhongjing, the medical sage, also experienced the plague (zhongjing mentioned in his preface that more than 200 people in his clan died of diseases in 2/3, typhoid accounted for 70%, and the death rate was nearly 50%), which also became the motivation for zhang zhongjing to write books, such as treatise on febrile diseases and synopsis of golden chamber. It can be seen that the prescriptions in treatise on febrile diseases and synopsis of golden chamber are effective in the prevention and treatment of the plague. It can be seen that although many of the epidemic virus, but still did not run out of the five elements, is still wind, cold, wet, dry, fire or its mixed products.
Back to the novel coronavirus. This virus shows the following characteristics: high transmission rate, the risk rate, the death rate. The following are analyzed according to their different characteristics:
1. High transition risk and fatality rate:
From the novel coronavirus outbreak, the development of the disease is rapid. The same as the plague, although zhong jing in the treatise on febrile diseases, with a lot of space to describe the evolution process from the sun disease to jueyin disease, but the actual change of the disease may be a moment. The symptom description of covid-19 patients can also confirm this: from fever, chills, headache and other initial symptoms to become fatigue, severe respiratory symptoms and imaging changes, with a short interval. Read “treatise on febrile diseases” the person knows, this is disease from the sun disease develops rapidly to lunar disease, it is to break through the sun of human body quickly, Yang Ming, little Yang 3 lines of defense, evolve directly to lunar disease. That is to say, the body needs to stir up the energy of the sun, yangming, shaoyang and taiyin systems in a very short time to resist the epidemic virus. So evil is fierce enough. If the patient’s own resistance is strong, can keep evil spirit outside lunar system, will not be further developed into respiratory failure, or heart, liver, kidney and other multi-organ failure oligoyin disease or jue Yin disease. Theoretically, this case is from the stronger resistance and vitality of the more tenacious children, young people.
In some cases, the symptoms are not obvious: they have only a low fever or no fever, but a dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms. This is more clear: although the body stirred up the energy of the three Yang and lunar system to expel evil, but the strength is far from enough, so the symptoms of the body are not obvious. And a dry cough means that the lungs have to pass through the way of coughing to expel evil, but the function of the lung decline, simply can’t produce enough sputum to come, cough strength is not enough, let alone to spit out the virus in the form of sputum wrapped virus. So the next step is hemoptysis, which is the normal course of action. Because the body functions decline, so it is easy to develop into multi-organ failure and death. From the distribution of COVID-19 death population, the population aged above 50 years old is more. In theory, the case could also come from a vulnerable population, such as the elderly or the sickly middle-aged.
There are even more unusual cases of sudden death without warning. Although the project was listed, it could not be clearly summarized into COVID 19 due to the numerous causes of sudden death. However, covid-19 was suspected to be responsible for the sudden death while waiting in line at the fever clinic. Scientists also found that the virus has a strong lung and cardiac injury toxicity, so included in the case. This suggests that the virus is also highly secretive. This part of the case is discussed in the section on the high cover of the virus.
2. High transmission rate:
If high transmissibility and mortality represent virulence, high transmissibility suggests a high degree of adaptability. This kind of adaptability is determined by two kinds of abilities: high affinity for human body; The high degree of environmental adaptation.
Highly human affinity:
The scientists point out that the maximum incubation period of the virus can be up to 24 days, and even some people who test positive for nucleic acids do not become ill until they turn negative. Incubation period refers to the period of time before the virus attacks the body and the corresponding symptoms appear. That is to say, in this period of time, although the virus attacked the human body, but the human body can not do the corresponding response to expel evil. This means that during this time, the virus and the organism can coexist peacefully, just as the virus is a part of the human body.
From the perspective of transmission routes, the affinity between virus and human body can also be verified: virus transmission routes include droplet transmission, contact transmission and aerosol transmission. Droplet transmission is to point to causative agent to pass cough, sneeze, the secretions that talk educts through source of contagion and droplet, make susceptible person inspiratory get catch. Conceptually, its transmission medium is saliva, saliva fluid, snot and other human facial secretions. In traditional Chinese medicine, saliva is considered as the fluid of the kidney. Snot is the fluid of the lungs, which belongs to gold in the five elements; Saliva is the fluid of the spleen, which belongs to the soil in the five elements.
Contact infection, can be understood as infection of the body surface secretions, and body surface secretions Chinese medicine think is sweat, is the liquid of the heart, in the five elements is a fire. In some cases, the virus entered the eye. The liquid of eye is tear, it is the liquid of liver, belong to wood in 5 elements.
In summary, the virus has a high affinity for the five elements of human body: wood, fire, earth, gold and water, namely liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney. We know that the five elements are the physical manifestation of the energy change law of Yin and Yang in nature, which can generalize everything in nature, including our body. All the tissues and organs of the human body, blood, fluids and so on can not run out of the five elements. A novel coronavirus can travel through body fluids without causing rejection. All this suggests that the virus’s affinity for the body is striking.
Recently, scientists have also discovered that patients’ stools carry the virus. Body orifices from top to bottom, eyes, nose, mouth, sweat glands, anus, its secretions and excretions contain virus. To sum up, can you make a bold prediction: every body fluid excreted or secreted through the orifices of people may contain virus? Sebaceous gland, ear canal, urethra, whether can tissue fluid, lymphatic fluid contain virus even? It is up to the scientists to do further research.
The high affinity for human body determines two evolutionary characteristics of novel coronavirus: (1) high concealment; (2) difficult to cure.
(1) high concealment: because of the strong affinity of novel coronavirus to human body, it is not easy to stimulate the human body to produce rejection, that is, will not produce clinical symptoms, so concealment. Once the time is ripe, the strong toxicity makes the patient quickly enter the crisis period or directly lead to death. Patients with asymptomatic sudden death fall into this category: sudden death occurs in an instant, but the disease progresses in a process that is hidden, eating away at the lungs and heart without disturbing the body’s rejection mechanisms. When it reaches a certain point, it strikes a fatal blow. At this time the body is also unable to make a full struggle, and then occurs sudden death.
(2) difficult to radical treatment: difficult to radical treatment for nucleic acid detection of negative patients, still in its saliva and throat detection of the virus. This suggests that with the drug in place, the virus can hide. Viruses are like hackers who break into an organism’s central processing unit and drop out in advance of the outcome. When the time is right, the virus will come back. Visible virus is not only adaptive ability is strong, in intelligence seems to exceed the human body itself, the human body under the hand. At the same time, the nucleic acid detection of the virus is not the gold standard. Because the number of times nucleic acid test negative patients, the incidence of many examples. So viruses are cunning and clever.
Thus, it can be explained that novel coronavirus is the virus with the greatest transmission intensity during incubation period. Because the traditional Chinese medicine says in the incubation period, the epidemic virus has not yet invaded the body’s zang-fu organs and meridians this energy system, that is, in acupoints or body surface attachment, and the body fluids attached to the body flow around. So the amount of transmission of the virus is large, the transmission intensity is also large. When the disease began, the epidemic virus began to penetrate the zang-fu meridian system through acupuncture points. At this time the body excretes the reaction of evil spirit, wait for the way of the body surface through acupoint namely, or the way of the body inside viscera channels and collaterals corresponding body expels the virus outside the body. Expression is on the flesh, pass namely sweat, cough, loose bowels, urinate, haemorrhage wait for way platoon virus. So come on the back row go out of the virus, is a part of the body through the function of the excretion of evil, and most of the virus is in the body viscera and tissue infiltration, the total amount of the time did not come on.
The high degree of environmental adaptability:
Novel coronavirus can be transmitted in many ways, but generally speaking, it is spread directly and indirectly. Direct transmission is when a person comes into direct contact with the bodily fluids of a person with the virus. This way of transmission, as long as effectively cut off contact with the virus, can be effectively prevented. For example, people should keep a certain distance, wear masks to prevent droplets, wear gloves to prevent body fluids, or directly isolate people. Indirect transmission is indirect exposure to various body fluids, such as aerosols. This can be deadly. Because people can not touch people or things with the virus, but can not not breathe. This route of transmission is, in theory, where the virus attaches itself to particles of gas and is inhaled by susceptible people. In many Chinese cities, the air is thick with particles. And studies have shown that viruses can survive in the air for up to nine days. Two factors combine to determine that the virus can remain highly infectious outside the human body. From the invasion of the region, from the north of China’s extreme cold – heilongjiang province, to the tropical Singapore. In other words, the virus is also highly adaptable to air temperature. So this virus can survive in any conceivable climate.
From the above analysis, it can be seen that masks, protective clothing, gloves, frequent hand washing and other preventive measures appear so pale and insignificant. If the characteristics of a novel coronavirus are compared horizontally with substances known to man, it is found to be more virulent than SARS. Its transmissibility is comparable to that of air; Its intelligence surpasses the immune mechanism of the human body and is the undoubted god of plague. There are reports that a novel coronavirus may be synthesized in a laboratory. If so, it is a supernatural thing, according to the Chinese medicine that is not in the existence of the five elements. How can the Yin and Yang and the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine treat substances that are not in the five elements? If so, a novel coronavirus is the “last judgement” of mankind.
Human beings are facing an unprecedented survival crisis, modern medicine has no effective treatment. Redesivir, which is provided by the United States, has been found in clinical trials to have little effect on critically ill cases and only some effect on patients in the early stages of illness. However, more clinical observations are needed to further evaluate its efficacy. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) also played a role in the treatment of the outbreak, but its efficacy is unknown. Zhong jing in more than a thousand years ago, the use of the art of qi huang to turn the tide. I hope that our generation of Chinese medicine practitioners will also live up to the expectations of our ancestors and the whole nation, and make a contribution to the epidemic

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