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TCM treatment of cancer 6 ideas

At present, TCM diagnosis and treatment technology based on syndrome differentiation plays a unique curative advantage in the treatment of cancer, which is also the reason why many cancer patients choose TCM treatment. However, in the process of TCM diagnosis and treatment, any link is not rigorous or the lack of experience of the doctor can affect the clinical effect. This article discusses some experiences on the factors that affect the clinical curative effect of cancer.

1 Cancer occurs in the loss of positive qi, supplementing deficiency and fuzheng

The occurrence of cancer is mostly the decline of positive qi, the instability of the internal environment, the accumulation of carcinogenic factors in the body, the disturbance of the zang-fu organs, resulting in the accumulation of phlegm-dampness-toxin stasis for tangible disease. In the incidence of cancer, the loss of positive Qi, positive overcome evil is the basis of the incidence, after cancer, cancer damage positive qi, positive defeat evil, is an important factor leading to the spread and metastasis of cancer, cancer in the later raging, also started from the decline of positive qi. Therefore, it is believed that positive qi plays an important role in the onset of cancer and the progression and regression of the disease after the onset. Therefore, the treatment of cancer in traditional Chinese medicine should be placed in an important position of the overall treatment, and give full play to the positive role of positive qi in anti-cancer and prevention of metastasis.

For precancerous lesions, such as gastric mucosal dysplasia, in my previous study of 428 cases of syndrome, I found that 73% had the structural characteristics of syndrome associated with deficiency and deficiency. The deficiency was mainly Qi and Yin deficiency, namely qi qi deficiency and stomach Yin deficiency. Supplementing deficiency with Astragalus, ginseng, yellow essence, Radix pseudostellariae, ophiopogon, Dendrobium and other Qi-nourishing drugs and stomach acid drugs such as pinellia, hedgehog bark and other anti-cancer Chinese herbs as a formula pattern, in more than 20 years of application to reverse precancerous lesions, eliminate dysplasia effect is good.

After the occurrence of cancer, the disease has a long stable period of different degrees of fatigue, mental exhaustion, not thinking about food, dry mouth and drink, such as qi Yin deficiency performance, see drowsiness, exhaustion, tolerance to supplement deficiency with ginseng, astragalus, white art, yellow essence, ganoderma lucidum, etc. See dry mouth, tongue red little moss with aspartame, liopogon, dendrobium and other stomach Yin.

There are also individual patients with deficiency and kidney, see fear of cold limbs cold, tongue fat moss slippery, deficiency and kidney Yang, medicinal aconite, morbidia, grass, epimedium and other warm tonifying kidney Yang, improve the deficiency cold state; See lumbago sleepy, dizziness tinnitus and other kidney essence deficiency with ripe land, wolfberry, ligustrum, yellow essence and so on nourishing kidney Yin; Waist-trapped knee soft with Huai achyosin, parasitic, Sichuan broken, Guzhong tonifying kidney strong waist knee; Semen cuscuta, puzzle kernel and raspberry were used to strengthen kidney and shrink urine. Patients with fear, anxiety, insomnia and dreams with acid jujube kernel, cypress kernel, calamus, radix polygonatum tonifying blood blood, calming and determination.

After cancer surgery, mainly to injure Qi and blood, tonifying deficiency and Fuzheng with angelica tonifying blood soup (30 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of angelica) plus 15 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of ejiao (closing), sand kernel 5 grams (after) and other tonifying qi and blood. The main purpose of chemotherapy and release therapy is to damage qi and Yin, and the main purpose of supplementing deficiency and Fuzheng is to nourish qi and Yin.

With the raging and spreading of cancer, qi stagnation, phlegm dampness, poison stasis and water stasis, secondary internal evil arises. Tonifying deficiency and tonifying essence should be combined with purging excess and treating symptoms. Tonifying deficiency and tonifying essence should be mainly focused on tonifying spleen and kidney, supporting physical strength and promoting dietary intake. Catharsis regulates the function of the zang organs, eliminates the accumulation of evil substance, reduces the patient's suffering such as deficiency, fullness, pain, and prolongs life.

2 Qi-yin, nausea, vomiting and stomach qi after chemoradiotherapy

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are active and effective methods for the treatment of cancer in modern medicine, but chemoradiotherapy, especially chemotherapy, is a double-edged sword, which damages positive qi and destroys immunity while killing cancer cells. The toxic side effects often make some patients with physical deficiency have to interrupt chemotherapy, and also make some patients suffer from positive qi deficiency and failure from now on. So, chemotherapy and radiotherapy damage positive qi, which aspect of the specific damage positive Qi? What does it say to make up for deficiency? More than ten years ago, the oncology department of a hospital put forward the theory of causing deficiency by chemotherapy for qi injury and releasing treatment for Yin injury, and made a protocol prescription, but its research has not been conclusive.

According to my clinical observation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not specific. Generally speaking, chemotherapy hurts qi, Yin, and stomach. Release healing Yin also consumes gas, more hurt the flesh. The effects of chemotherapy on qi in spleen and lung were manifested by drowsiness, weakness, shortness of breath, perspiration and decrease of white blood cells. Yin injury in the stomach and lung, dry mouth, thinking of drinking as the visible, and qi injury more serious than Yin injury. During chemotherapy, the most painful patients are nausea, vomiting, anorexia and other gastrointestinal reactions, which is the performance of chemotherapy injury to the stomach and stomach loss. Chemotherapy alopecia is a loss of seminal blood, blood does not nourish hair performance, after the end of chemotherapy can be restored.

After chemotherapy or chemotherapy interval treatment to adhere to qi Yin, and lower stomach qi, against chemotherapy damage qi Yin, damage to the stomach hinder the spleen, white blood cell reduction side effects, such as astragalus, ginseng, yellow essence, ophiopogon, gishi and other qi Yin double supplement, supplementing qi should be heavier than nourishing Yin. And lowering stomach qi to run as nourishing, run nourishing and lowering inverse match, I take bamboo leaf gypsum soup and orange peel bamboo Ru soup to make prescription, composition and stomach stop vomiting formula: 10 grams of ginseng, 12 grams of ophiopogon, 10 grams of ginger pinellia, 12 grams of orange peel, 10 grams of bamboo ru, 20 grams of rice, 3 pieces of ginger, 4 jujube, frequent administration, good effect on vomiting during chemotherapy, the square of ophiopogon with pinellia rigor and tenderness, and stomach qi nourishing stomach Yin. The treatment of Yin also deplets qi, and also damages the flesh (tissue damage at the radiotherapy site). The medication used to nourish Yin and qi is generally the same as that used after chemotherapy. The keratosis of the skin at the radiotherapy site of the injured flesh should be treated with Astragalus, Angelica and mulberry leaves to supplement the spleen and stomach while nourishing the blood and moistening the dryness.

The treatment of leukocyte reduction after chemotherapy, seeking treatment in successive days, from the spleen to produce blood, kidney to produce essence, refined blood treatment, with Astragalus, ginseng, white art, yellow essence and so on to supplement the qi of the spleen and stomach, stimulate the source of biochemistry; Use deer antler, wolfberry, epimedium and so on to enrich the essence of kidney, so as to refine the blood. In order to improve white blood cells, I clinically designed the formula: 30 grams of astragalus, 3 grams of deer antler powder (infusion), 10 grams of herba medium, 12 grams of wolfberry, 5 grams of amomum kernel, which has significant clinical effect.

If you have low hemoglobin and red blood cells, remove epimedium from the top, use 10 grams of antler glue, add 12 grams of ejiao beads and 12 grams of angelica. For the treatment of other side effects or adverse reactions after chemotherapy, if the sweating is not stopped after chemotherapy, it is superficial deficiency and not solid, and schisandra, calcined dragon and floating wheat; There are patients after chemotherapy for a long period of time, limb distal numbness, mostly lower limbs, this is liver blood damage, the loss of the veins, not the rong is not kind, with Astragalus 30 grams with angelica 15 grams, Chuanxiong 12 grams, chicken spatholobi 20 grams, papaya 15 grams, Sangzhi 15 grams, centipede two, nourishing blood Tongcollaterals and camp.

There are also heel pain during or after chemotherapy, which is kidney weakness bone damage, with bone fragments of 15 grams, cooked ground 20 grams, 15 grams of achyranthus sinensis, 5 grams of ground turtle, 15 grams of millennium health, decocted in water, and in the residue plus mugwort leaf 30 grams, 15 grams of Sichuan pepper pack cooking, hot pack heel.

As for chemotherapy hair loss often occurs after the end of chemotherapy can gradually return, do not need treatment. If the hair growth is slow, with two to pills (Ligustrum, lotus grass), mulberry, Xinyi, zero Ling Xiang tonifying kidney and blood hair.

3 Treatment of cancer must be regulated viscera, metastatic obstruction spread

The important pathogenesis of the initial occurrence of cancer is that carcinogenic factors disturb the function of the relevant organs, and it is inevitable that the function of the organs is in a dysfunctional state after the occurrence of cancer, so the treatment of cancer must adjust the relevant organs to restore the functional characteristics of the organs as one of the goals.

First of all, it needs to be mentioned that when cancer patients know that most of them have different degrees of fear, anxiety, insomnia and other manifestations, treatment should be from the liver Ningxin, calming and determination of drugs, with althea bark, sour jujube kernel, ginseng, polygala, stone flag and so on.

Regulating zang-fu organs, such as lung main qi division of breathing, lung call kidney to make the lung Xuanshu orderly. The occurrence of lung cancer, the first injury lung qi, followed by phlegm stasis toxin accumulation to block lung Qi to make lung Xuansu abnormal, see shortness of breath, chest tightness, cough, phlegm, with prince ginseng, ginseng, yellow essence, sand ginseng and other sweet supplement to warm and run the lung Qi Yin, Perilla, orange flower, hundred parts and other Xuanqi, improve lung respiratory function; Shortness of breath for asthma, for kidney not to absorb qi, with gecko, schisandra qi to soothe asthma; Cancer damage lung collars, collars break hemoptysis, with the herb herb, bletilla, Pleurocypress leaves tonified collars hemostasis, and with dark plum, schisandra, scorpion, fritillaria, cough and hemostasis combined use, hemostasis is effective.

The esophagus is the upper mouth of the stomach and the portal of food intake, which is consistent with the functional characteristics of the stomach. Esophageal cancer, obstruction, throat throat, I think rundown is better than and stomach, with Radix pseudostellariae, Radix ophiopogon, sand ginseng and other Yin rundown, pinellia, Su stem, Gualou, Wilingxian and other phlegm under the gas, wide chest, to reduce to pass, can improve throat throat.

Stomach digestion, with the help of the spleen to complete the transfer of water grain, gastric cancer, stomach and spleen not transport, full, poor, vomiting, with Astragalus ginseng, white art and other tonifying spleen transport, pinellia, ammonita, fructus aurantii, hedgehog skin and stomach acid, adjust the function of stomach and spleen transport.

The intestine is the fu-organs of Yangming, to Tong down for shun, bowel cancer, mostly for the spleen deficiency, Qi and blood stasis, stagnation in the intestine, fu-qi does not fall, with Astragalus, Codonopsis, white art, angelica, mulberry and so on tonifying spleen qi moistening intestine; Tricolor, Zedoary, fructus aurantii and xylocarp can reduce stagnation and restore intestinal function.

Another example is the liver main drainage, main blood storage, liver cancer, if infected with the virus after cancer, poison mixed in the blood to slander the liver body and stagnation liver collages, treatment of liver cancer first with fructus officinalis, schisandra, fructus ligustris and other nourishing liver Yin and toning liver body, with the leaf of the pearl, pendant pot grass, lobelia and other clear toxins, bupleurum, Yu Jin, trionychia, centipedes and other soothing liver and collages, adjust liver drainage and blood storage function.

Mammary gland is the liver channel reached by the place, the treatment of breast cancer with Astragalus, asparagus, goji berry qi Yin, with fructus trichosanthis, Fructus aurantii, centipedes, Wang do not leave line and other wide chest qi dredge the liver.

If cancer metastases, the primary cancer spreads to adjacent tissues and organs. While regulating and treating the functions of the viscera in the primary cancer site, the treatment Angle should move forward to the cancerous site, cut off the pathogenesis reversal, and block the infiltration and spread. If lymphatic metastasis is found in the cancer tumor, the phlegm formation should be dispersed to prevent the infiltration and progression, and the phlegm-reducing, soft, hard and dispersing products such as Prunella, Fritillion, seaweed, laminaria, etc. should be used. Lung cancer bone metastasis, with bone crushing supplement, psoralen, insects and other tonifying kidney to strengthen ossification poison stasis to prevent dipping; Gastric cancer liver metastasis with flea, turtle shell, sunflower seeds, leech to detoxify liver collaterals; Peritoneal metastasis of pancreatic cancer and gallbladder cancer was combined with green bark, xylem, tricolor and Zedoary for qi break knot, liver metastasis was combined with Shu Yang Spring, snake berry, lobelia, and Yu Jin to loosen liver and gallbladder. Metastasis of adjacent tissue of ovarian cancer was prevented by fritillaria virginica, white English and nightmallow.

In addition, the cancer appears more severe pain, mostly to the cancer tumor strong obstruction, non-general qi and blood pain relievers can be effective, I commonly make south star with toad skin, centipede, scorpion and other insect analgesics, toad skin processed with sand, ground, each pay 4 grams of medicine.

Cancer metastasis pain, bone metastasis, liver metastasis or primary liver cancer pain, bone cancer pain with natural copper, toad skin, sapwood, Xiangxiang, Qili powder, etc. Liver cancer pain with Xiangxiang, frankincense, myrrh, notoginseng and other stasis pain, pain can be unbearable without heat elephant can be used in Sichuan black, grass black pain, in addition, centipede, scorpion, toad skin and other insect drugs can be used for various metastatic cancer pain.

4 Anti-cancer selection of Chinese herbs, efficacy and pharmacology

The basic method of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment of cancer is to distinguish the syndrome characteristics from the correlation between local and whole, positive deficiency and evil solid, grasp the pathogenesis trend, and establish the overall regulation and treatment. In the multi-dimensional prescription of comprehensive syndrome and syndrome, the first is to support the correct qi, regulate the zangfu organs, and use the holistic regulation and treatment. The second is to choose the Chinese herbal medicine that breaks the knot and anti-cancer tumor to be added into the overall treatment plan to form the overall macro regulation and local anti-cancer drug combination plan.

The nature of cancer, Chinese medicine is generally believed to be qi phlegm poison stasis accumulation, among the evil, to coagulative poison stasis as the core. In my opinion, the stasis of evil is the main culprit in the cancer transformation, the evil abundance is poison, the evil intensity is poison, and the cancer is raging and metastasizing, with the characteristics of the spread of evil poison. In modern pharmacological research, most of the Chinese herbs with anti-cancer effects belong to heat-clearing and detoxification drugs, and there are toxic Chinese medicines to fight poison with poison, followed by soft and strong dispersing drugs and insects sotixing and clearing collars.

In the prescription of anti-cancer dimension, the selection of anti-cancer Chinese herbal medicine should be selected according to the tumor site, cancer node characteristics, modern pharmacological research results and clinical experience. Such as esophageal cancer with spittoon condensation as choking, the choice of summer hay, Zhejiang fritillary, Shi Jian wear, sal sal and other detoxification phlegm dispersing anti-cancer drugs; Lung cancer sputum and poison coalescences, with hounytuynia, summer hay, flea, fritillion, stir-fried honeycomb and other detoxification and phlegm anti-cancer drugs, I especially recommend stir-fried honeycomb, honeycomb in the shape of the lung, take the analogy of the use of curative effect; Gastric cancer is characterized by Qi stagnation toxin and collaterals and stasis. The anticarcinogenic drugs such as Wolfberry, Tengyi pear root, Wugu Tengyi, Xanthium rhizome and Zedoary are selected. Intestinal cancer is the condensation of Qi and phlegm dampness, and the selection of tricolor, Zedoary, Friticosa turmeria, Kugu Teng, poncirus aurantii, etc. to break the phlegm dampness toxic aggregation; Liver cancer, biliary and pancreatic cancer, damp-heat poison stasis and stagnation of qi stagnation water, the selection of white flower snake tongue grass, sunflower seeds, Shu Yang spring, flea xiu, turtle nail, centipedes and other heat detoxicating, Tongluo anti-cancer drugs, cancer stagnation water, with lobelia, Lobelia; Breast cancer qi stagnation phlegm toxic accumulation, the choice of summer hay, snake berry, Shu Yang spring, dandelion, Wang do not leave line, centipede and other sanjie detoxication Tongluo drugs; Cervical cancer poison stasis wet condensation, stagnation loss chong Ren, optional snake berry, sunflower, Shuyang spring, Fritillion, scorpion and other detoxification Tongluo anti-cancer drugs.

It should be mentioned that the selection of anti-cancer Chinese herbs should be used alternately, and the course of anti-cancer drugs is longer, so as to avoid drug resistance or unknown accumulated toxicity from long-term constant use of certain anti-cancer Chinese herbs. Cancer appears chest, ascites when the water, chest water with draba, white mustard seeds; Ascites with lobelia, Qingpii, Shanglu, two Chou and other detoxification and water wet drugs, I have treated a liver cancer ascites, in the formula with Shanglu 10 grams, two Chou 10 grams and other diarrhea water and no work, to use Ganshui 1.5 grams, euphorbia 1.5 grams of ground powder, with other medicine leaves, after the use of water samples seven or eight times a day, ascites to half, following the use of qi to nourish Yin, qi flatulent slow figure to cure the root.

5 Transition to life, when the promotion of food into the valley

According to traditional Chinese medicine, if a person has stomach qi, he will survive and if there is no stomach qi, he will die. In the course of cancer, whether the patient can eat grain is an important sign to judge the survival of stomach qi and the advance and retreat of the disease. Cancer patients in the early stage of cancer often have a loss of appetite, gradually see wasting, and almost universal in the middle stage do not want to eat or have no hunger, which is the performance of the decline of spleen and stomach transportation function, late because of can not eat, "no valley is dead". Therefore, in the treatment of cancer, in the early and middle stages of disease treatment, it is necessary to put the promotion of dietary intake of grain in an important position, cultivate the acquired, stimulate the source, which has positive significance in stabilizing the disease and stopping wasting. In the late stage, it is even more important to promote dietary intake of grain as one of the key treatments for saving critical illness and prolonging life, and restore the function of gastric intake and spleen transport to the maximum extent. Make "the valley of prosperity."

There are generally three reasons why cancer patients do not tolerate food in the stomach. First, the spleen and stomach are deficient and the spleen is not transported. The second is wet food in the obstruction, trapped spleen hinder stomach and stomach not tolerate; Third, the accumulation of stagnant in the intestine, fu qi does not fall and the stomach refuses to accept. In addition, esophageal cancer and gastric cancer are difficult to eat or vomit into, mostly because cancer tumors block the valley and affect the pharyngeal food.

In the treatment of cancer, to promote the intake of food into the grain, to correct the spleen and stomach decay, the main drugs such as Astragalus, ginseng, pseudostellariae, white art, yellow essence, amomum kernel. The day after tomorrow, encourage the spleen and stomach qi, improve appetite, promote food into the valley, at the same time, Gan warm supplement can stimulate the source of biochemistry, improve anemia and weak state. There are some patients with hunger and no desire to eat, dry mouth and no desire to drink, red tongue and little moss, this disease is prone to stomach Yin dry and not eat, only Gan warmyun and diet is difficult to increase, can be supplemented with Liopogon, sand ginseng, jade bamboo and other nourishing stomach Yin, stomach moistening food.

In August 2016, I once treated Baoji lung cancer patient Zhang Mou, thin do not want to eat, strong food is nauseous, dry mouth and tongue red thick, from the stomach Yin deficiency and spleen wet treatment, recipe: raw selenium ginseng 10 grams, yellow essence 15 grams, white art 30 grams, white damom kernel


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