TCM Anti-cancer

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TCM Anti-cancer / July 1 ,2023
TCM treatment of cancer 6 ideas

At present, TCM diagnosis and treatment technology based on syndrome differentiation plays a unique curative advantage in the treatment of cancer, which...

TCM Anti-cancer / June 29 ,2023
Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cancer

In TCM theory, there is specific concept for tumor, but not for cancer. TCM practitioners believe that tumor can be caused by internal and external...

TCM Anti-cancer / June 26 ,2013
Cancer Chinese Internal Medicine

Chinese medicine therapies in cancer treatment are very common in the East. Although it is usually classified as a form of complementary and alternative...

TCM Anti-cancer / June 26 ,2013
Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM

TCM is an ancient system of health and wellness that’s been used in China for thousands of years. Western medicine focuses mainly on treating disease....


Sets of questions, organized by topic, that cancer patients may want to ask their doctors or other members of their health care team to learn more about ...

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