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Health / July 20 ,2023
The Best Anti-cancer Drug is Actually Inside the Patient!

liver cancer patients can improve their immunity and strengthen their immune system to better resist cancer cells, improve symptoms and prognosis, and...

Health / July 12 ,2023
How stress affects cancer risk

although frequent anger itself may not directly cause cancer, we should still pay attention to the impact of emotions and mental health on overall...

Health / July 6 ,2023
Do I need to take medicine to prevent cancer recurrence after treatment?

When it comes to the question of whether to take medicine after treatment, it is really necessary to emphasize it. The Chinese people have always been...

Health / June 29 ,2023
Cancer Prevention Tips 12 Daily Tips to Avoid Cancer

Cancer is almost universally recognized as an incurable disease, and prevention is the only effective way to reduce the threat of cancer to life....


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Anti-cancer Food


Sets of questions, organized by topic, that cancer patients may want to ask their doctors or other members of their health care team to learn more about ...

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