Modern Physics and Traditional Chinese Medicine Converge to Form a New Complementary Model for Breast Cancer Prevention

A key question is this: If modern scientific principles can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, why can’t we use the same model of science to help prevent breast cancer or its recurrence? Ironically, Western medical technology and practices utilize advanced applications of energy in diagnostic testing and treatment yet have not applied the same principles in terms of approach to disease etiology and true breast cancer prevention.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles and practices completely mirror the concepts of modern physics. While the theories of quantum science and relativity sprang from the minds of brilliant modern physicists, the theoretical cornerstones of TCM—meridian theory and the Five Element theory, for example—manifested through the inner, intuitive exploration of ancient Chinese healing masters. For millennia, TCM has used its insight on how the flow of energy on a quantum level impacts the body, and how the body, mind and spirit form an interconnected unity, to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions, including the root causes and early warning symptoms of breast cancer.
TCM understands that true prevention has two key aspects: first, a comprehensive treatment strategy to make sure breast cancer doesn’t begin to grow, and second, if a woman already has breast cancer, a program to prevent its recurrence.
Quantum insight shows us everything is interconnected. So, from the TCM perspective, to understand cancer you have to understand the relationship of cancer to where it begins. Relativity’s space-time concept is applied by TCM to understand why breast cancer occurs more frequently in certain locations, such as the upper, outer quadrant of the breasts. TCM views the aspect of space in terms of where cancer grows. And it uses its knowledge of meridians (a network of energy pathways in the body) and their connections to internal organs, as well as the Five Element theory (a Universal framework), to diagnose and effectively treat stagnation or blockages of energy, or Qi, which can set the stage for disease processes to begin.
TCM uses natural treatment modalities, such as acupuncture, herbal therapy, Qigong (a self-healing Chinese energy practice) and foods-for-healing to address the underlying causes and symptoms of breast cancer. One important point is this: If the underlying causes and symptoms of breast cancer are not fully addressed, a woman’s chances at true prevention are compromised.
The entire focus of the TCM approach to health care—as it has been for thousands of years—is on true prevention. TCM understands how the mind, emotions and lifestyle impact a woman’s health, reflecting quantum insight that the observer impacts what is ultimately observed in her reality. True prevention means actively creating optimal heath overall and, when it comes to breast cancer, promoting true breast health.
Moving Forward with New Innovation in Breast Cancer Prevention
Innovation in modern physics has totally revolutionized our lives in many ways. Know it or not, we’ve realigned with an entirely new world paradigm. The technology we’ve gained as a result of discoveries in quantum science and relativity are currently at the forefront of what its theories hint at as possible. Why limit the direction and scope further innovation can now take?
TCM—one of the oldest, continually practiced medicines on our planet, and whose root shares the same understanding of matter, energy and interconnection with modern physics—points the way to a successful complementary approach to breast cancer prevention. Isn’t one woman’s life worth an open consideration of this innovative approach?

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