Malignant tumors in Chinese medicine has a unique name – cancer

As a kind of disease, malignant tumor has always been a medical problem. The late malignant tumor has almost no possibility of cure, while the early and middle malignant tumor often has no obvious signs of discomfort and is easily delayed into the late stage. Malignant tumors in Chinese medicine has a unique name – cancer.

Modern medicine for cancer research but hundreds of years, but the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in cancer research has more than 4000, records from the etiology and pathogenesis, early shells described in oracle, plain question in the Canon of the yellow emperor, has the specific description and prognosis of lung cancer: “big bone withered, meat stuck, bosom filled with gas, breathing, lead shoulder pain, inside body hot, take off the meat Yan, really dirty, died in October.”

Modern medicine has been studying cancer for only a few hundred years

Where does cancer come from? Viscera internal evil gas accumulation, qi blood stagnation caused by stagnation. In terms of etiology, its occurrence is closely related to the external six evils, the internal seven emotions crabbed, the eating disorders, the old diseases or chronic diseases, and the aged and frail.

In general, once cancer is detected, our first reaction is can we have surgery? Need radiotherapy and chemotherapy? In fact, Chinese medicine is not inferior to western physicochemical therapy in the treatment of cancer. Specific treatment if water does not mention, because cancer is a serious syndrome, general people must go to the hospital to receive comprehensive examination and treatment, just hope that you do not forget Chinese medicine.

Clinically, it is generally believed that cancer is a combination of good luck, good health and bad health, and good deficiency and evil reality. In fact, the theory and western medicine means are similar. If the traditional Chinese medicine can be added after western medicine surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, it should be able to achieve better curative effect and improve the quality of life.

Clinically, it is generally believed that cancer is a disease characterized by good health, good health, and good health

Two more sentences

Any cancer can be detected before it happens, but many people ignore the change and blame fatigue.

2. Except for a few types of rapidly developing cancers, such as low-differentiated liver cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, in many cases, cancer can survive for a long time, among which optimism and positive attitude are important factors.

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