How to recognize and deal with fibromyalgia

Did you ever do any strenuous exercise or sprain, but you felt stiff and painful? Often suffering from pain of unknown origin, I can’t help going to the hospital, but I can’t find any problems. In this case, you should consider whether you have fibromyalgia.


Fibromyalgia is a clinical syndrome characterized by persistent and extensive pain, stiffness, fatigue and sleep disorders. What are the characteristics of this disease? How should we deal with it? Follow the rhythm of the test to recognize fibromyalgia.

Which of the following descriptions of fibromyalgia do you think is correct?

Alternative answers

Fibromyalgia A mainly occurs in elderly men

Symptoms of fibromyalgia B are usually sudden.

C usually has no specific manifestations in laboratory tests.

Reliable partial prescription for D-fibromyalgia

Correct Answer C. Laboratory tests usually do not show specificity.

Answer explanation

Fibromyalgia mostly occurs in adults, especially in female patients. After years of research, the exact cause of fibromyalgia has not been found, and there is no obvious abnormality in muscle tissue. At present, only mental stress is found to be the related factor of fibromyalgia. The symptoms of fibromyalgia usually occur gradually in a few weeks. They can occur in the upper back, head, thigh, abdomen, hip and other places. They can also occur tenderness in the head, shoulder and back. They can also be accompanied by headache, fatigue, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. Some people also have irregular stools. When mental stress increases, these symptoms also occur. It will intensify.

Fibromyalgia patients, physical examination, routine laboratory tests, imaging examinations, etc., may not find any objective indicators of pathological changes. Simply put, it is as if they feel uncomfortable anywhere, that is, they can not find anything wrong, and even they suspect that they have a false disease. Clinical observation shows that only some patients with fibromyalgia will have a decrease in serotonin. However, in order to differentiate them from other diseases, doctors still have to issue a stack of examination application forms, such as examination of rheumatoid factors and erythrocyte sedimentation, and also make patients do CT to exclude other diseases, so as to avoid misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis. The diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia given by the American Society of Rheumatology are pain symptoms and parts lasting for more than three months, pain scores reaching 17 points and symptoms affecting more than 21 points. Comprehensive evaluation should be made on pain, stiffness, sleep, depression, memory, anxiety, tenderness, balance, noise, light, odor, cold sensitivity, etc.

At present, there is no cure for fibromyalgia. Clinical medicine believes that deep tissue massage, local damp-heat therapy, ultrasound therapy, local blocking therapy can alleviate pain. Some doctors also advocate the use of antidepressants for combined treatment. Regular exercise can help relieve pain and other symptoms.

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