How does traditional Chinese medicine cure cancer?


Chinese medicine and western medicine are completely different ways to treat cancer. According to TCM, the occurrence of cancer is caused by the loss of control of the overall management. Western medicine, on the other hand, argues that cancer is caused by a genetic mutation that simply kills cancerous cells. Under the influence of western science, modern people always feel cancer cells are particularly fearful. As soon as the body detects cancer cells, it is eager to kill them immediately. Surgery is a kind of traumatic medical treatment. It does not treat the symptoms, but also causes people to be severely injured and is more likely to relapse. The harm of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to the human body is greater, cancer cells so severe can be killed, not to mention those already weak normal cells? A large number of normal cells were killed or maimed, by what to prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis? As it turns out, after this kind of improper treatment, the five-year survival rate of the patients is extremely low, no more than 20%. The vast majority of patients relapse within two or three years and fail to be treated. Patients spend a lot of money, suffering a lot, but in exchange for a incurable disease. Is cancer really incurable? Otherwise, as it turns out, there are quite a few cancer patients who cannot be cured. There have been over 3,000 recorded cases in the world, including advanced liver cancer, lung cancer and gastric cancer. More examples are those over the age of 60, and anatomical evidence shows that most of these people who die have cancer cells in their bodies, but most people don’t have any sense of peace with cancer cells for a long time, which also means cancer cells are not terrible. Know a little bit of traditional Chinese medicine of the person all know, in terms of local cells, relative to the overall strength is insignificant, the cancer cells is the same, it is a body on a small piece of a department, if big local, how could a whole control of cancer cells are malignant hyperplasia, not whole does not have the capacity to hold it, but don’t know where the whole error, and even the cancer cells as a “good comrades”, constantly give priority to supply nutrients, it this makes cancer became terrible. Western medicine believes that the brain is the top administrator of the body, the generation of consciousness is random, there is no law. So far, the only thing that is clear from scientific research is conditioning, but consciousness is not conditioning. A lot of information is conditioning. There is only one reason to think that the brain is the body’s top manager. Chinese medicine believes that in the human body, although the brain is superior, it is definitely only a part of the whole, should be subject to the whole, not above the whole. Generally speaking, the brain is just a process of eliminating information according to the overall will, and finally prioritizing a ruler, and forcing other information to vibrate in sync with it and feed back to the whole body, thus forming a coordinated activity. Consciousness reflects an overall will. (awareness of process: a lot of information to the brain first corresponding to different districts, such as visual area, hearing area, movement area, conditioning, and then through the brain to make the transition to the forehead area, and carries on the competition in the forehead, the competition here is not that the strength of the information on the surface, but who can get priority support, from the heart blood only in this way, some information can quickly by the weak strong, become rulers, dominate consciousness at this time.) What does this whole thing stand for? It’s a visceral system with the heart as the core, which simply means that the five zang-fu-fu is the board of directors, the heart is the chairman of the board, and the brain is the manager. Why can’t cancer be cured? It’s not that cancer cells are scary, but that the patient’s heart doesn’t know who is good or bad, blindly supporting cancer cells. Take a look at those cancer patients know, basically all is by the psychological cancer into physical cancer, of course, psychology of cancer is often look not to come out on the surface, it is determined by physical, like a person’s character is difficult to change, as long as the heart can not get effective control, the blood supply will be under the control of the disease first cancer cells, patients is like chronic suicide, won’t save anyone. Therefore, to cure cancer must first treat the heart, patients must remember that the best doctors are not others, but patients themselves, a good mental state is the best cure for cancer. At present western medicine is the mainstream of cancer treatment, can be a lot of people haven’t the conscience, to make money, know chemoradiation does not cure cancer, it make money ah, a course of tens of thousands of, is one of the few foreign use chemotherapy, but to start selling into China, in order to treat the dead do not assume any responsibility, also promote cancer will die hard, as they earn money laid a solid foundation. As a result, countless patients were not put to death, but were scared to death, a cancer, psychological collapse, such a cancer doctors can not save. , in turn, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine cure cancer patients obviously a lot, but it is not to earn money, earn a little money prescribing and everywhere can take Chinese traditional medicine, the pay is about $10, eat only several thousand dollars a year, if so, the hospital would be bankrupt, therefore, the mainstream of traditional Chinese medicine in cancer treatment is not welcome, pharmaceutical factory, after all, hospital doctors want to earn money! The first cure for cancer is to cure the heart, “neijing” said: the Lord unknown, then 12 officials dangerous, cancer is a master unknown disease, the heart does not know who good or bad, blood first supply to cancer cells. Therefore, controlling heart disease is the core of all cancer treatment. As long as the heart can control, cancer is a kind of typical chronic diseases, like diabetes, high blood pressure can prevent remedy, the cure heart seldom, heart capsule is a kind of, it according to the principle of the heart god ambition of traditional Chinese medicine, by increasing oxygen in heart unit time, change the human spirit, inhibit blood priority supply in cancer cells, cancer cells are due to the lack of oxygen, increase the blood oxygen can effectively kill cancer cells. In addition, qigong also has a good effect on cancer, the reason is that it is an active awareness adjustment, can make the blood supply weak tissue, inhibit the blood supply to cancer cells

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  1. Cancer treatment is a worldwide difficult problem, but for the prognosis of patients with positive norms of treatment is there is a lot of benefits, according to patients with specific types and stages are needed to determine the corresponding treatment methods, and timely diagnosis standard treatment, surgery is the preferred treatment, cooperate with radiation and chemotherapy after surgery, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine cancer, targeted therapy, Chinese medicine treatment, etc., the doctor will according to your specific situation to deal with

  2. Due to different types of cancer, pathological morphology, and stages of development, the manifestations of cancer will vary. The early stage of cancer generally has no obvious symptoms, but with the development of the disease, patients will have a series of symptoms, such as vomiting, hematochezia, fatigue, wasting, pain and so on. Many cancer patients find cancer when the tumor has spread or metastasized, thereby making treatment more difficult. Therefore, timely detection and diagnosis will improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment. If worried about the body signs as a precursor to cancer, suggest to go to the hospital in time for a diagnosis, not by chance. People with low immunity, cancer patients or people with a family history of cancer can take health care products containing ginsenoside Rh2 to improve immunity and quickly recover physical health. In order to reduce the risk of cancer, we should give up smoking, drinking, staying up late and other bad habits in life, strengthen the awareness of cancer prevention, pay attention to the dietary structure adjustment, eat less salt, smoke, fire and Fried food, and avoid sitting still for a long time, and participate in more physical exercise.

  3. Hello now cancer, advocates the combination of Chinese and western medicine, TCM believes that the cause of cancer is vital qi, and qi stagnation, TanNing, caused by blood stasis after many days, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to treat cancer with “soft firm fights” is a principle or to the centralizer treatment, western medicine mainly such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, so proposal according to patients’ individual differences, and to determine the specific symptoms and signs of traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment plan.

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