How does Chinese medicine explain the cause of cancer?

Chinese medicine
Chinese medicine

For cancer, only “product” in neijing, the disease is similar, but the argument rarely, prove that the ancients are few cancer or cancer in ancient times is not a difficult to treat diseases.

There are internal and external causes of the disease. The internal cause is to eat too much cold food or diet not festival damage the spleen and stomach, cold and wet endogenesis. In addition to the external cold into the evil, two cold junction, in addition to the human plot is not comfortable, the airflow is not smooth, and over time.

This etiology has a lot to do with the causes of modern tumors. First, it is believed that the occurrence of tumors is related to the internal lesions and external influences (modern medicine believes that viruses are closely related to the occurrence of tumors). Second, both attach great importance to the human spirit. Especially in traditional Chinese medicine, the treatment of this disease is largely achieved by regulating the plot and air conditioning. Modern medicine has also found that mental disorders are an important factor in the occurrence of tumors.

Modern Chinese medicine thinks the etiology of tumor still has qi knot, phlegm, silt blood, heat poison yu knot. However, I believe that these are all different situations derived from “knot”, and the underlying cause is “knot”.

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