Healthy foods To Reduce risk Of Cancer Suggestions

Our eating habits make our quality of life extremely effective. The increased incidence in our age of cancer threatens the quality of life and suggests that our nutrition should be reviewed. Because certain nutrients were examined and the contents found to prevent cancer and certain chronic diseases. Naturally, it is important to remember that in a certain amount and frequency, these foods should be consumed.

Olive oil

The Mediterranean-style diet of olive oil has a positive influence on our digestive system. Protect against cancer of the belly, pancreas and colon. The important point to be careful about olive oil; the value of calories is also rather high because the fat rate is high. Enough must be consumed without losing sight of 1 teaspoon serving.


It contains: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer characteristics thanks to the substance “curcumin. ” In one study, 4 grams per day for 30 days have been found to reduce the number of lesions in a colon by 40 percent. Other cancers are considered beneficial to turmeric; lung, breast and prostate cancer, according to scientific studies.


Tomato taken from the anti-cancer compound to protect the color from cancer. Is it crude or cooked? In any case, the tomatoes are healthy, but this question has no answer. However, cooked tomatoes have increased lycopene content. It can also be eaten to the maximum advantage by cooking. For our salads and sandwiches, Raw is also essential.

Oily fish

You are less likely to get caught against cancer if you feed fatty fish like salmon and mackerel every week. Studies show that stomach and colon cancers are the two types of cancer that are specifically mentioned for fish use. So, in order to protect our digestive system health, fish consumption is important. Vitamin D-and omega-3 ingredients are rich in fatty fish. The fact that the levels of vitamin D in our body fall within normal limits helps reduce cancer risk and not just cancer risk.


Cinnamon spices, renowned for balancing blood sugar, are in fact an anti-inflammatory tool to prevent development of cancer. Studies have been carried out in particular on the volatile cinnamon oils in patients with head and neck cancer and positive results on the size of the tumour. We recommend 2-4 grams (1-2 teaspoons) of cinnamon in your daily diet, because of its beneficial impact. However, further studies are necessary.


In short; in order to minimize your risk of developing cancer and to lead to better quality of life in addition to an effective and balanced nutrition, it is useful to add the nutrients mentioned above to your nutritional routine at the appropriate quantity and frequency.

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