Choriocarcinoma of traditional Chinese medicine treatment what Chinese medicine to cancer curative effect is accurate

Choriocarcinoma of traditional Chinese medicine treatment what Chinese medicine to cancer curative effect is accurate

Choriocarcinoma generally is the traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine therapy treatment, patients can use some liquid form to regulate, can achieve better effect, Chinese medicine treatment can effectively improve patients after radiation and chemotherapy side effects, and to enhance immunity and control tumor development and prevent cancer recurrence and metastasis can have very good effect, the patient can show to professional hospital treatment.

Women will easily appear in abortion, hydatidiform mole, postpartum choriocarcinoma, easy to cause to the body health is very adverse effects, so patients must use the corresponding ways to treatment can be, is now more commonly used method for treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, so, we learn about the, choriocarcinoma, what are the traditional Chinese medicine therapy.

1, choriocarcinoma patients can use Chinese medicine therapy treatment, more common is to use these good medicinal herbs such as cordyceps sinensis and toad skin treatment, we will have a certain understanding to Chinese caterpillar fungus, cordyceps sinensis is a traditional rare tonic Chinese herbal medicine, the main ingredients include: cordyceps acid, cordycepin, amino acid, sterol, mannitol, alkaloids, vitamins, polysaccharides and minerals, and so on, has anti-cancer, tonic, immunomodulatory, antibacterial, sedative hypnotic effect, very suitable for patients with cancer, Chinese medical treatment, can also be used in patients with medicine include: Chinese caterpillar fungus, grifola, Ming dangshen, mulberry parasitism, qingyang ginseng, mushrooms, galangal fruit, white mulberry root-bark, eucommia bark, dalbergiae, poria cocos, atractylodes, August Zagreb, rhizoma anemarrhenae, zedoary, southern star, cornus, papaya, curculigo, pinellia, malaytea scurfpea fruit, live alone, stone calamus, herba agrimoniae, thistle, galangal, medlar, coix seed, garden burnet, white before, cortex moutan, rhizoma belamcandae, angelica, ground beetle, indigo naturalis, cinnamon, sophora, gold powder, fenugreek bean root, white skin tinea, radix paeoniae rubra, mountain, polygala, alisma, honeysuckle, black powder, turtle shell, fructus forsythiae and radix arnebiae seu lithospermi, peach kernel, notoginseng, etc.

, 2 patients with choriocarcinoma after, as long as active treatment, the patient can get a good job, first of all, patients should be adopted the practice of radiation and chemotherapy treatment, if the illness is more serious, or no fertility requirements, solution treatment, patients can also cooperate with surgery after together with traditional Chinese medicine recuperates the, there will be a better treatment effect, patients must have enough confidence in myself, should actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment.

Finally, after suffering from choriocarcinoma, patients must actively use traditional Chinese medicine treatment, there will be a lot of the efficacy of Chinese medicine, such as: narrow lump, transfer control, relieve pain, stable condition, prolong survival, even achieve clinical cure effect, to improve the patient’s condition and relieve the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy after, there will be a good role, and Chinese medicine treatment side effects are rare.

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