Chinese medicine treats cancer erroneous zone common diseases

Chinese medicine treats cancer erroneous zone common diseases
Nowadays, western medicine in the field of tumor treatment occupies an absolute dominant position, and the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can only be mentioned in its comprehensive treatment on a few words, or some bigshot figures in order to be different from foreign western medicine and decorate, said that the essence of the country is a treasure and so on irrelevant words, and the current situation is who’s fault ah? National leadership? Ha ha leader is just a leader, he can also come to study Chinese medicine and fight cancer ah, policy is important, and more important that is the market, so it has nothing to do with it. Is it the western medicine people who take up the fight against defamation? I disagree. I can only say that TCM practitioners are not up to their standards, maybe including myself.

The following I simply talk about the Chinese medicine treatment of malignant tumors some erroneous zone.

1. Treating cancer according to common diseases, ignoring the unique characteristics of cancer virus.

This matter is very common, an old Chinese medicine is widely spread in the local, in people’s mind that is unlimited worship, treatment of cancer is to find them, who can match? And these old Chinese medicine according to my observation using nothing more than two or three moves, one is dialectical treatment, two is a little anti-cancer drugs, effective or invalid is not regardless, effective that is my ability, invalid that is cancer can not be cured, and these big guy cure bad who will go to blame ah, of course not the insider also can not see what is wrong with this. Perhaps come again a bit of medicine adjusts next appetite sleep mood, dredge next classics luo bowel, look a bit likely be the effect that is not, but does this have a relation with cancer itself? Do you fight and control cancer itself? It can only be considered as the scope of palliative care in western medicine. For example, the patient’s stomach cancer, because cancer caused abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, little urine and little stool, lack of power and weight, thick white tongue moss, pulse deficiency. If you are not diagnosed with gastric cancer, but there conditioning, you say you can conditioning a name? If you don’t actively adopt Chinese and western medicine to fight cancer and discharge cancer toxin, your treatment will have no effect. Some of the traditional Chinese medicine are particularly prone to make this kind of mistake, and because they are more stubborn, general will not turn, there is a lifetime of dialectical, not to diagnose, not to find more effective drugs to treat tumors. Or is it just a single drug for cancer, all of which are made up of herba diffusa, hemidendron, and other changes? By mistake. Western cancer treatment should be based on which part of the tumor which effective combination of drugs to treat, not unchanged, even if a tumor of different stages of different individuals or the first and second line will change, but the old Chinese medicine you are still a drug for cancer everything does not ask for people. I also feel sad for those who have seen the progress of the tumor but are still there to defend the old Chinese medicine.

2, single means, only internal compliance with a law.

This is also the shortcomings of traditional Chinese medicine, in other areas of many traditional Chinese medicine is very smart, will be internal and external use, moxibustion massage, qigong meditation, will guide the inhalation, will shave intestinal therapy poison, etc., and to the tumor field did not create the invention, even external use of moxibustion with poison Yang forgot to recruit, not to mention to breathe the gods. Western medicine has internal and external sticking, operation and intervention, enema and puncture. It is quite backward. Once the patient cannot eat, the Chinese medicine panic, there is no way to cure.

3, one way to the end, not flexible.

When the patient comes, the symptoms are analyzed and the medicine is given according to the syndrome. If the slight effect is seen, the patient thinks that the disease has been seized, and the method is not flexible all the way through. Even at the beginning, the effect is not effective because of the rigid treatment after the disease changes. Syndrome type is constantly changing, and some hidden internal pathogenesis can only be shown when it is treated to a certain time. At this time, it must be flexible, and only by changing the prescription with syndrome can tumor be treated with the maximum effect.

4, only know the right, regardless of exorcism.

The ancestor of traditional Chinese medicine has “healthy spirit is put inside evil cannot be dry” proverb, some inflexible traditional Chinese medicine sees a tumour patient to have empty card to fill with respect to a jin ground, or fill Yang to fill gas, or ziyin shengjin, or nourishing the liver and stomach to wait a moment, it is not after pleasure really! However, it neglects the cause of deficiency syndrome — cancer toxicity, which promotes the growth of tumor and shortens the survival of patients. Even western medicine knows that cancer is the main line, and some false images will be corrected naturally. Traditional Chinese medicine is very subtle, the words of the ancestors also need to read more understand, there is a saying “exorcism prescription is to strengthen the right”, “tong for tonic”, do not exorcise evil how you fill the body strong, do not regulate qi how you get vitality vast.

5, drum mystery, case reasoning.

It is also a common disease, which does not seek actual effect, but boasts that so-and-so is cured and so-and-so is still alive. I do not know that this is the effect of radiotherapy, but I use it as my bragging capital. Or one out of hundreds of failures to boast about his skills, which is not statistically significant in western medicine. Only by struggling, thinking and learning from others in clinical practice can we have our own magic weapon to cure cancer.

6, prescription invalid, proprietary medicine to fill.

The prescription that oneself prescribe curative effect is bad, use a few Chinese patent medicine to foil, beautiful its name is multi-drug combination. The recipe itself is composed of dozens of flavors of medicine. Do you need another combination? This combination of real needs can be fully reflected in the square.

7, medicine piled up, no prescription to speak of. Drugs are not processed, single drug.

Use a series of drugs piled up to fight cancer, such as dozens of antipyretic antidotes, cancer has not been cured, stomach qi has been destroyed, people also died. The choice of drugs is not particular about the method of processing, for some Chinese herbal fresh products do not pay attention to, for some effective single prescription do not know. There is no flexibility in the treatment.

8, all aspects, no effect.

Some Chinese medicine doctors complain about the patient is a detailed record, everything wants to solve the patient, the result because of power is not exclusive, but what is difficult to solve. For example, some are caused by the compression of the tumor, which cannot be solved without shrinking the tumor, and then you waste the medicine to treat the problem, instead of using traditional Chinese medicine to control the tumor, which is very difficult to work.

Take your own shortcomings, attack their strengths.

Some traditional Chinese medicine doctors use traditional Chinese medicine to remind them of the effect of western medicine chemotherapy, but the result is not only no tumor-reducing effect, but also new toxic side effects to patients due to the toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine. To be a qualified TCM doctor, we should understand the respective advantages of TCM and western medicine.

10. Worship small prescription, but do not know compound combination.

Some traditional Chinese medicine doctors usually treat patients with small prescriptions, or read books that recommend and advocate small prescription, but in the clinical treatment of malignant tumors, these prescriptions are really difficult to apply, or have little effect, but should be combined, and add some specific anti-cancer drugs for a viscera can be effective. Into this misunderstanding of the Chinese doctors not a few, many people.

Ignore the “poison”, only for pleasure.

Some insect drugs and some toxicity in traditional Chinese medicine have a good effect on tumor treatment, but many traditional Chinese medicine has never dared to use them in their whole life, and they dare not try them. Of course, they dare not taste them themselves. It can be said that the Chinese medicine doctor who does not use poison well is not a qualified Chinese medicine doctor in oncology department. Dried toad skin, strychni seed, centipede, scorpion, canthard and so on. Many oncologists are known for their knowledge of the use of toxic drugs.

Still some common people oneself copy a few fang zi to cure cancer on the book net, this article does not make comment, that is cook makes shoe, blame oneself.

Finally also summary, the above may also have on their own body, in this article put forward just hope to give patients a way to identify good or bad tumor physicians, but also to some still outside the door of the Chinese medicine tumor is not a reminder, hope less detour as soon as possible, service patients. As for how to be a good TCM oncologist, that’s another story.

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