Chinese medicine keeps healthy: get up early and do seven things well to prevent cancer

Every day we care about what we can do to prevent cancer. In fact, we can prevent multiple types of cancer by doing seven things well in the morning. A day’s plan lies in the morning. The traditional concept of health preservation attaches great importance to morning health preservation.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always paid attention to curing diseases in the future. What kind of advice will you give us when it comes to keeping fit in the morning? Let the experts tell us, in fact, cancer prevention is very simple.

Chinese medicine keeps healthy: get up early and do seven things well to prevent cancer

Row of net shit

After getting up in the morning above all is detoxification, regular, unobstructed ground defecate, to human body health is crucial. Daily regular defecation can reduce food residues in the intestinal tract, so as to avoid the proliferation of harmful bacteria, reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases (such as severe bowel cancer), and prevent colorectal cancer, rectal cancer, etc.

Eat a good breakfast

A lot of old people like to sleep late now (especially winter and spring season), think it is best “enjoy”, wait until get up, wash gargle, already too late activity will have breakfast, also some people fill a belly carelessly, some even hungry belly went out, this is the worst habit.

Not only should breakfast be eaten well, but also should be full, in order to provide the body with the energy needed for the morning. If often do not eat breakfast or eat very little, very careless, can make the person’s blood sugar content insufficient, can produce panic, giddy, limb is weak, a long time also can cause gastrointestinal disease, affect oneself health.

Knock tooth knead abdomen

In Chinese medicine, the tooth is considered to be bone, and the disease is caused by the fumigation of spleen and stomach. Therefore, teeth and stomach, intestine, spleen, kidney, liver and other internal organs are closely related, so tapping teeth is the way to strengthen teeth. The method is to wake up every morning, lie on your back, do chewing shape, gently tapping teeth 60~100 times, many are unlimited, good for teeth, strong body.

Kneading the abdomen is beneficial to enhance gastrointestinal function, and habitual constipation is especially needed to prevent colorectal cancer. The method is to lie on the back to relax, first with the right palm from the chest to the umbilicus clockwise massage chest abdomen 80~100 times, then change the left hand counterclockwise direction massage chest abdomen 80~100 times, later can gradually increase to 200 times. Tapping teeth and kneading stomach can be done at the same time.

Beat the drum and rub your nose

“Percussion drum” the ancients call “Ming day drum”, the method: sit position, with the palm of both hands tightly press two ear holes, the middle three fingers of two hands — index finger, middle finger, ring finger lightly stroke after the occipital bone more than ten times, then, palm press ear hole, finger press pillow bone a few seconds not move, again lift suddenly, after a while again like the front method press ear, stroke pillow bone. Repeat this many times. Can clear the head, enhance memory, still have diastolic blood vessel to hypertension patient, reduce blood pressure effect.

Kneading the nose is called “bathing the nose” in ancient times. Gently bend the back of your thumb with both hands up and down along the two sides of the bridge of your nose and rub it dozens to hundreds of times (at your leisure). Its function is to make nasal cavity blood flow, the temperature maintains normal, thus achieves the purpose that prevents a cold. If you have a cold, increase the number of times you rub your nose, and do it early and late, you can receive the effect of self-healing without medicine.

Overlook the quartet

As the saying goes, “green is life”, every morning more look at green, overlooking the quartet, conducive to enhancing eyesight, prevention and treatment of myopia. Methods: stand upright and breathe naturally. Look straight ahead with your eyes, try your best to look at distant green trees and green mountains for about 1-2 minutes. After a while, I turned to the right and looked into the distance. I did this over and over again for about 15-20 minutes (longer is better).

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