Breast cancer is not life-threatening

After listening to the name of breast cancer, the cancer patients and their family leave the hope of living, but experts believe this assumption is not correct. In India, the number of women suffering from breast cancer every year is increasing by an average of thirty per one lakh.

It is important to understand here that different types of breast cancer are found in different women. Breast cancer is easy to understand, women themselves can also examine the breast. Breast cancer is a sign of lump in the breast, changes in breast nipple or skin changes, stiffness of the breast, blood or fluid coming from breast nipple, pain in the breast, lungs under the arms (underarm arms).

Although every lump in the breast is not cancerous, it is very important to check it so that somewhere it does not catch the appearance of cancer.
Dr. Badve says, “Do not be afraid of breast cancer because it is possible to diagnose if breast cancer is in the first stage, it is very easy to get rid of it.”

According to cancer expert Dr. R. A. Badve, “Increasing weight, along with alcohol, smoking, tobacco, getting pregnant at a higher age and breastfeeding for children are the leading causes of breast cancer.” It is therefore important that women control their weight, set pregnancy time and breastfeeding for at least 6 months. Doing this reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Bhansali, a surgical oncologist, says, “Changing your lifestyle significantly in changing times can also lead to breast cancer.” His advice is to avoid excessive cholesterol and avoid taking contraception medicines. Apart from this, make sure to get a mammography once in a year after the age of 40.

Cancer researcher Dr Rashma Palep says, “Women often fear the name of the mammography test, but this test does not harm the body.” At the same time, Dr. Anjali Patil believes that, “When symptoms of breast cancer come out, women do not mention it with fear and embarrassment. But it is important to contact the doctor immediately after the symptoms are detected.”

According to Dr. Anjali, some women get cured after surgery. But due to negligence later its danger re-emerges. Lack of information about breast cancer is also playing a significant role in spreading it. Dr. R. A. Badve says that, “The biopsy test helps to know whether breast cancer is there or if there is lump in the breast then how big is its size.”

Dr. Badve explains that there is a 4th stage of breast cancer. If breast cancer is in the first stage then the patient’s recovery rate is more than 80%. In the second stage, if breast cancer is cured 60-70% of women, the third or fourth stage has breast cancer and the treatment becomes a little difficult. Therefore it is better to contact the doctor at the right time.

Rakhi Shukla, who struggled with breast cancer, said, “I was very nervous when I heard the name of breast cancer, but the doctors explained to me that I am in the early stages of breast cancer, so I will be fine, for which I am the only doctor The methods and medicines mentioned are to be taken on time. ”

Manisha Singh, who came to Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Center for treating Begusarai of Bihar, admits, “Anyone who has a disease, it is important that the patient needs to be mentally stable and I hope that I will recover very soon.”

For the treatment of breast cancer, doctors do surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It is believed that there are also side effects of these therapies. Dr Sudip Gupta, deputy director and chemotherapy expert of the Tata Memorial Center, told the BBC: “The patients are told about side effects caused by chemotherapy, such as the hair fall, but the hair reaches in 6 months. It is important for patients to eat nutritious food besides fruit and green vegetables. ”

Breast cancer is a terrible disease occurring in women. Although it is an illusion that breast cancer is only in women. Today, the number of the disease is increasing in men. The only way to avoid cancer is awareness. And the goal of the World Health Organization is to make people aware of this disease by considering the month of breast awareness in October. Women in India are still not aware of their health, and this is the reason that the number of these diseases is increasing day by day.

Dr. AK Anand, radiation oncologist at Max Healthcare, says that the actual causes of cancer in women and men are not known, but it is estimated that it is due to hormonal or genetic factors.

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