Blood cancer change me into a better person

Date: 15 March 2017 – That whole day I was busy making a documentary on the profile of his Garuda commandos present on the base of Indian Air Force in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. As it happened in the evening I remember that at the time of the day there was a call to my phone which I could not receive. Also, I remembered that I had to take a medical report too.

I called back at that number. It was a hospital number. From the other side, a woman picked up the phone and said that she can not tell anything on the phone, she will email me. There was a lump on the left side of my neck, for which I was taking medicines for many days but she was not getting well. I got my medical report on email. When I read it and expressed my suspicion, I wanted to know about it with the doctor, then he reprimanded me not to worry too much. But now my doubt turns out to be right.

As he told me, I had a non-hoggin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. My condition was bad, the brain was not able to think anything. When I realized that this is all true and today my life will not be normal. There was some blurry picture emerging on my mind about blood cancer. To understand this completely, I was in contact with the doctor for the next few days. I was most upset about how to tell my mother. She was living alone in Mumbai, I did not want to disturb her. But when I told them, the courage I gave them gave me a lot of strength.

Television journalists often visit us, but we can not see them. I did not know when I would be able to recover from this disease. The people around me, who cared about me, had begun to ask why I could not be seen outside for several days. Whenever someone asked me about my health, I told them all the truth.

People offered me advice and assistance. Some told their personal stories and some greeted them. People greeted me so well that they did the work of treatment for me. I was very fortunate that I did not see any signs associated with this disease in myself. Investigation revealed that this disease is in my early stages. But still there was a slow and painful experience to start. By mid-April, I had undergone chemotherapy six times under the supervision of a doctor, Dinesh Bhurani, at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, Delhi, Delhi.

People who have chemotherapy are warned about its many side effects. It includes pain, sleep deprivation, mood swings and nausea. For me, it was time to look at your body carefully. My body is well-controlled and controlled by the amount of regular doses being given in a planned manner. But during this time ‘what if … …’ these words never left me. I used to read, write. During this time I learned all that I could learn. Without sleeping, and doing meditation daily, he helped me improve my health.

During this time, I used to be two four from the news of cancer deaths. With those stories, my heart sat down, I was scared. But I also found many people whose status was not the same as the initial level of mine. Although it was sad to hear that many people started treatment but could not complete it.

Just a year ago and after that, there was no cancer cell in my body when I got medical examination. At that time my doctor allowed me to travel. But before that I had been in the house for about six months before and this was my world. It was not possible without my wife, which I considered to be the reason for my “strong intention” long before I was diagnosed with cancer.

He was my beloved companion for a moment, the next moment he also scolded me in the police uniform. He cared for me to the extent of insanity so that I eat the right food and stay away from any type of infection. However, the price has to be paid to him several times – the tension was increasing for him and he was also seen. Then I promised myself that I will take care of my health more so that she is not worried.

Different habits are added to cancer, but this disease can affect anyone. In this one of the trillion cells present in our body gets corrupted and does not stop when working. It is said that cancer is weak in its early days and it can be overcome.

But what was the reason that I got cancer? Science does not respond. And in my case it did not even see its basic presence. Leave others, I was very harsh about myself. It did not matter what I had achieved. I used to be always unhappy and dissatisfied. In the desire to get more, I used to sink my body and mind in unnecessary stress.

I was among those people who understand that life means work. I did not sleep more than five hours in the whole day. Although I did get the time to exercise, but used my food and there were many loopholes in the “work-life balance ‘, which was steadily increasing. Perhaps we underestimate the impact that stress has on our body. Today, after one and a half years, I feel deeply connected to my body and mind and I want to strengthen this bond. I want to laugh more, sing, dance The things I was far away, today I am serious about them.

During my illness, I often used to see people who were healthy and could live their life in general. He used to go to restaurants with his loved ones, go to the park, go to the movies, which I could not do because of the treatment. I also looked at another group of people who care for the patients.

If you walk inside any hospital you will find many people who help others. We often do not realize how big the pain is and the people who care for you are also present. From the face we can not know who is having trouble with who is around us. I do not want to let anger, bitterness or even a bit of a bit of blood flow towards myself or anyone else. This phase of passing with me gave me the feeling that the key to our health is present in our body and soul itself. We just need to develop the right environment. Cancer came to me as a stop and thankfully I crossed the rest of the way. But it gave me an opportunity to live a new life once again.

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