As long as we do a good job in preventing and maintaining good health, 2019 New Coronavirus is not terrible.

As long as we do a good job in preventing and maintaining good health, 2019 New Coronavirus is not terrible.

One of the most important topics in China is New Coronavirus pneumonia in 2019. How about its specific situation now? According to Li Bin, deputy director of the national health and Health Committee, as at 24 o’clock in January 21st, the National Health Protection Commission received 440 reports from 13 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of the whole country, which reported 13 cases of pneumonia diagnosed by New Coronavirus. 9 cases were reported and 3 cases were new cases, all of which were cases of Hubei.

According to the reports, the number of people infected or killed is not high, but why are people afraid? This is because the disease can be transmitted, and there is no effective treatment at present, so the mortality rate is relatively high.

But after careful analysis, we can find that the disease is not as terrible as people think. It is said that only seasonal influenza causes hundreds of thousands of deaths every year. In contrast, the number of deaths caused by New Coronavirus pneumonia is much less. But the relative cold, its mortality is higher, and the human body is difficult to achieve self-healing, this is its terrible.

But why say it’s not as terrible as people think? Because from the discovery to now, those who have been infected, they can be said to contact a very large number of people, but the vast majority of people are not infected.

Chinese medicine
Chinese medicine

This shows that the body’s resistance is the most critical. Some people are infected when they come into contact with the infected people, but some people don’t have anything at all. This is what traditional Chinese medicine says: “healthy qi exists inside, evil can’t invade.”. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people are sick because of the lack of vitality in the human body. Once they are invaded by external evil, they are easy to get sick. If you have enough healthy qi in your body, it’s hard to get sick.

Why do the government and relevant experts now advise people not to go to crowded places? Because in those places, the air doesn’t circulate. If someone is infected with pneumonia caused by New Coronavirus, their lungs will be relatively high in those places where the air is not circulated. Once the body’s resistance is insufficient, it is easy to be infected.

Wearing a mask is also the reason. In principle, no matter how much you wear a mask (ordinary type), the virus can not be completely stopped. After all, it is not completely isolated. But after wearing it, he can block a lot of viruses. A small amount of virus into the human body, the body’s epidemic prevention system for these small amounts of virus can effectively kill.

The effective killing range depends on everyone’s health. People who are in good health and full of vitality can resist effectively even if there are more viruses around them. Otherwise, they can’t. Therefore, as long as we do a good job in preventing and maintaining good health, 2019 New Coronavirus is not terrible.

So how to increase the body’s resistance? One is to have adequate nutrition, the other is to work and rest properly and exercise reasonably, which can effectively increase the vitality of the human body. In the way of training, you can practice the “Jin Feng shaking elbow” in the traditional zongfeng martial arts, which is a very good Kung Fu. He mainly shakes his arms repeatedly to exercise cardiopulmonary function and promote the circulation of blood and Qi. According to the traditional saying, it is to exercise the body’s golden Qi and open up the body’s lungs. Feimaitong is baimaitong, and the human body is naturally healthy.

2019 New Coronavirus is not terrible
2019 New Coronavirus is not terrible


The specific exercise methods are as follows:

The body stands naturally, arms droop, legs stand straight, foot distance and shoulder width; the whole body is relaxed, eliminate distractions. Then, hang the wrists with both hands and lift them to shoulder level; roll the arms outward, turn the palms forward and the palms upward; then move the elbows backward and hit them backward. After hitting the elbows in place, there is a forward force. Follow this force to puncture forward. Don’t turn the palm down while piercing. After the puncture is in place, the palm of the hand is turned upward, and in this process, the elbow stroke is stopped (even the elbow stroke of the hand is turned over), and so on.

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