Advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in treating tumors


Currently, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine are commonly used to treat tumors. As an indispensable part of the medical field, traditional Chinese medicine plays an important role in the field of tumor treatment, and is increasingly recognized by doctors and patients. Chinese medicine believes that cancer is caused by qi stagnation, blood stasis, heat poisoning and sputum obstruction. According to the overall concept of TCM, tumor is a systemic disease, usually the whole body is empty, the part is solid, and the deficiency is the root of the disease, which is the sign of the disease. In the treatment often take blood circulation to remove blood stasis, soft and hard knot, heat and detoxification, the maintenance of the original medicine to treat. Chinese medicine has its own advantages in treating tumors:

1. Strong overall concept, usually from the perspective of the patient’s whole body, rather than limited to the tumor lesion itself.

2. TCM has its own specialty in improving patients’ own symptoms.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine will not affect the patient’s body because of the treatment itself.

4. Less side effects, according to the dialectical use of traditional Chinese medicine, generally no side effects.

As the highest institution of TCM research, the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine (cas) has made gratifying achievements in the field of TCM anti-tumor, and a number of famous experts and academic achievements have emerged. “Suppression helps balance therapy” is according to the China academy of traditional Chinese medicine famous oncologist, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine tumor world leading – professor Yu Guiqing decades of experience in the therapy of tumor, on the basis of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of tumors, to give full play to the advantages, proposed a comprehensive academic ideas and methods for the treatment of tumor, its core idea is “inhibiting tumor, even the vital qi, balance Yin and Yang”.

other The group of experts on antibalance therapy

Think treatment tumor should be whole and local treatment of organic combine, the so-called overall treatment of tumor is in the process of treatment to maintain normal body function, the patient not to damage at the expense of the patient’s body for treatment, local treatment is according to patients’ development in the process of the change of the main symptoms, the tumor treatment process is divided into different stages, each stage has its own main symptoms, according to each phase in the process of treatment in treatment, are the main symptoms of overall treatment is in the process of tumor treatment principle and premise, and local treatment is important method and means, the two complement each other, be short of one cannot.

other The characteristics and advantages of “antistatic balance therapy” in treating tumors:

1. The combination of holistic treatment and local treatment can inhibit tumor without harming vital qi;

2. Continuous treatment aims to achieve a dynamic balance of Yin and Yang throughout the body, and to suppress tumor growth, recurrence and metastasis for a long time;

3. Fully mobilize the immune function of the body, improve the resistance, and ultimately achieve the purpose of treating tumors.

According to the study, tumor is a new organism formed by hyperplasia or abnormal differentiation of normal cells under the long-term action of some adverse factors, and a local tumor is formed. General treatment of the tumor often take traumatic treatment pattern, the blind pursuit of tumors had visual elimination and kill tumor cells to the greatest extent, to kill cancer cells but also damage the normal cells of human body, the patient often appear weak, nausea, vomiting, fever, loss of appetite, pain, dry mouth, hair loss, the symptom such as white blood cells decline, virtually cause great damage to the body, can lead to the spread of cancer cells and even life-threatening. “Anti-supportive balance therapy” does not treat patients at the cost of harming their bodies. While suppressing cancer cells, it helps them maintain good health, improve immunity, protect normal functions of the body, improve patients’ clinical symptoms, pay attention to the quality of life of patients, and enhance patients’ confidence in fighting cancer demons.

China academy of traditional Chinese medicine is the authority of the major in China, in the support from the national leaders, China academy of traditional Chinese medicine to the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the enormity of the task to the internationalization path, the hospital experts after decades of clinical research, has made great achievements, on the road of the TCM therapy for cancer made major contributions to the courtyard antitumor achievements of Chinese medicine experts developed also brought hope to the patients.

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