A Real Successful Case of Advanced Anticancer

Today, I would like to share with you a truly successful anti-cancer star, Han Wanqing, Dean of Seoul University Hospital. He was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma in 1998. Two months after resection, the cancer spread to the lungs. At that time, doctors concluded that the survival rate was less than 5%. Few people thought he could continue to live. But he did not despair for a moment. He survived. In the words of doctors, he miraculously cured cancer. After three years of withdrawal, he showed no signs of cancer recurrence. Now, he can also participate in various scientific research activities, serve as a consultant for many institutions, still active in various societies, and enjoy playing golf.
[Approaching his cancer treatment process] After the right lobectomy in 1998, he underwent six months of chemotherapy. To facilitate the injection of drugs, a coin-sized chemotherapeutic pump was implanted subcutaneously. Every three to six months, regular follow-up examinations such as blood tests and abdominal CT examinations are performed. By July 2006, a bladder cancer was found on abdominal CT scans, and a 1.2-centimeter nodule in his liver was found on abdominal CT scans during follow-up examinations in November. After tissue examination, radiofrequency ablation with cluster electrodes was performed. He was then examined every three to six months, and so far he has found no major problems. Are you very surprised? How can a doctor cure cancer when he thinks there is no hope?
1. [Changing mindset] Making friends with cancer from being diagnosed with cancer to receiving treatment, he used to be angry, resentful, refusing, afraid, and fearful. But when he finds that the more anger and resentment he feels about cancer, the more he wants to fight it, the more he consumes himself and becomes more powerless in the face of powerful cancer. When he changed his mentality, I would rather make friends with cancer than fight it. He began to treat cancer as a naughty friend who suddenly came to us. No matter how tough the friend was, he accepted it. He wrote in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “Know your friends and know your enemies, never die in a hundred battles” for cancer treatment. He began to understand his cancer knowledge and how to treat it in the future. What can I do to help the recovery of cancer? The more you know about cancer, the less you fear it and the easier it is to get out of the label of death. The harder the disease caused by cancer is, the more he wants to embrace it. No matter what happens, he wants to try to live in harmony with cancer. So when he makes friends with cancer, he knows cancer friends, knows cancer friends, and then puts aside pressure and fear, and lives in harmony with cancer friends.
2. [Adjusting diet] There is no special requirement for diet before cancer, but after cancer, he began to pay special attention to food. In the case of ensuring food safety, he asked for food freshness and firmly refused to eat stale food. Especially seasonal food, and processing must be simple, do not destroy the nutritional components of food, eat more raw vegetables. Supplement protein and calcium every day, drink a glass of milk, eat an egg, increase cereal porridge, increase the intake of selenium-rich food.
3. [Enjoy the exercise that suits him wholeheartedly] Five days of medication injection every month, which makes him unable to stand, step by step, difficult. Five days of injection is over. Sometimes he can not walk twice in the room. His legs begin to tremble and fall to the ground. For the first time in his life, he feels powerless. At this time, many people will give up, unwilling to exercise and want to stay in bed for a long time. But he gradually exercised, just started to walk slowly on three laps, gradually increasing the number of laps, he began not to circle, but timing exercise, from 10 minutes to 20 minutes to 30 minutes, and finally he was able to walk for nearly an hour. Even after the successful end of chemotherapy, he still did not stop exercising, because the cancer guy, if not vigilant, would come back again. So no matter how tired you are, you should maintain a certain amount of exercise. If you refuse to exercise because you are too tired, you will not be able to exercise enough strength to undergo treatment.
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