A case of cancer pain treated by traditional Chinese medicine prescription

Yang mou, male, 85 years old, late gastric cancer, rectal metastasis, severe pain in left lower abdomen, pain sweat, once took tramadol sustained release tablet ineffective, after the change to hydrochloric acid oxycodone sustained release tablet, after taking the drug appeared serious vomiting, later seek Chinese medicine treatment. Look at their spirit, face swarthy, waist and knee acid cold, abdominal pain when cold aggravation, limbs languid, defecate frequency, occasionally blood, night frequency, every night 4~6 times, tongue light, coating white greasy, pulse inch weak ruler heavy weakness.

TCM disease differentiation belongs to the internal medicine cancer disease – cancer pain, syndrome differentiation belongs to the deficiency of kidney Yang, Yin cold stagnation, the understanding of cancer pain is nothing more than “no glory, pain”, “general pain”. This patient left lower abdomen pain, cold pain is the main, accompanied by the waist and knee acid cold, tongue pulse total ginseng, viscera syndrome differentiation and localization in the kidney, so to jin kuiwei kidney qi pills to reduce. Prescription: (in a) 15 g, lateral root of aconite cinnamon (a blunt) 3 g, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, 24 g, 12 g yam, cornus, Dan alisma 9 g, 12 g, 9 g, poria cocos 9 g, 12 g, salt cortex eucommiae tiantai radix linderae 9 g, orange nuclear 9 g, yanhusuo 9 g, water decoction, a dose of left lower abdominal pain points at the same time apply fu Yang t2dm, cold line of traditional Chinese medicine “bone pain paste” (piece by black, cinnamon, curculigo, asarum, rhizoma zingiberis, radix clematidis, scorpion, etc) and granules vinegar gels, once a day. On ward inspection the next day after medication, the patient realized that the pain in the left lower abdomen was significantly relieved, the discomfort in stool was relieved, and the spirit was improved. After 7 days of medication, the spirit was improved, the amount of food was increased, and the pain basically disappeared.

Discussion of medical case: “golden chamber yaolue · blood bi deficiency and labor disease pulse syndrome and treatment” “deficiency and labor back pain, less abdominal anxiety, adverse urination, eight flavor kidney qi pills is the main. The disease of the patient was consistent with the provisions, long-term illness injury kidney, yuan Yang insufficient, lost in the warm, so the waist and knee acid cold; Kidney Yang weakness, can not warm hypothermia, so the frequency of urine, large frequency conversion. Tongue like pulse are in line with the syndrome differentiation of kidney deficiency, so the treatment of eight wei kidney qi pills, the reuse of cooked rehmannia thick tonifying kidney qi, Yin for Yang; Supplemented by aconite, cinnamon fire source, less fire angry; Eucommia ulmoides and eucommia ulmoides can strengthen kidney and qi. Poria cocos, alisma alisma, danpi to remove the lower coke Yin cold water wet; Less orange seed to induce drugs. The patient’s systemic disease belongs to kidney deficiency, partial kidney Yang deficiency, pain point is located in the lower jiao, the body Yang qi for a long time insufficient, Yin cold water wet placed in the lower jiao, so the use of fu Yang sanhan, collateral line stagnation bone pain paste, internal and external treatment, the effect is very good.

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